Saturday, May 9, 2009

What do my stars say about me?

What do my stars say about me?

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog


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Gone to Find Myself said...

I like your stars! I haven't ever thought of the meaning of stars, what they are to me. Interesting.
Am sewing on Granddaughter's quilt, pink with paper dolls, buttons, etc. Just getting started.
Got some train fabric for one of the Grandson's quilt. Want to get them some clothes made before I go see them June 2. I'll see how much I get done.
Just am finished up on a dress for me and 2 totes to take on my trip. It is my oldest Granddaughter's graduation. I'll fly and stay 3 days. Taking my 85 year old Mother, she'll stay 2 weeks.
Have a terrific weekend.


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