Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back in Blogland again

I'm finally back in Blogland. It's back to work on Monday again, after having three weeks off work. I feel like the three weeks of summer holidays went by so fast!
I got to so some sewing done, but not at all as much as I planned to. I have finished a lot of sewing on the "Comfort quilt". Just a few blocks needs to be cut and pieced. It's looking good so far :o)

I went to Denmark with my family, together with my brother's family. We rented a house in a place called Odsherred, and we had a great time. Since my kids are getting young men busy with their own stuff every day, it was so good to spend some family quality time with them. We went to see different places, and also enjoyed family dinners (bbq),playing games. We spent a lot more time driving than planned, but we had a great time after all :o)

Our furball, Fabian, had to spend the week we where away at a shelter for cats. It's the same place we adopted him from when he was three months old. The poor thing had not been comfortable, and he must have missed us terribly. Not eating much during the time he was there, and not at all interested in the people who worked there.
I've never seen him so happy as when he came home. He was constantly following us around the first two days, must have been so afraid of being left alone. He even followed us into the bathroom. He seems to gain some weight again, and he is more calm now. I will never leave him like that again, so next time we're going on a vacation we will have someone he knows to look after him, poor thing. I'm just glad he's a happy cat again!

We haven't had any great weather at all this summer. Mostly rain and forecast. I've tried to take some summer photos, and since I bought a new lens for my camera, I had to take some walks despite the weather. As long as it's not raining, it's fun to walk around looking for things to capture in a photo.

When I went for a walk the other day, I didn't see only flowers. I found a bunch of four and five leaf clovers too. I've always looking along the roadside when I walk, looking for these. 
Will they bring me any luck? Who knows, but I sure hope so :o)

Last Friday, when we where heading home from Denmark, we got a call from my mom about the bomb in Oslo. We had to drive by Oslo to get home, and she was worried we had to drive through Oslo on our way back to Trondheim. We got to turn on the radio to listen to the news when we got to the boarder of Norway. We heard about the shooting at Utøya outside Oslo, and it was all just so sad. 
It's been a week since the terrible day, and all of the Norwegian people are still in shock and really sad about the terrible things that happened. I have to admit it's almost too much to take in. 
I'm thankful that the people in Norway stay together even more after such a bad incident. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Before you judge, Act. Before you speak, Listen.
 Before you hate, Love. Before you write, Think. 
Before you pray, Forgive. Before you quit, Try.

Wish you all a peaceful weekend,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A new quilt

I got to buy the issue #3 of Vignette when I visited Quiltegården on Monday. I've seen the gorgeous "Comfort quilt" a while ago at Leanne's blog, and just been waiting for this pattern to hit the quilt shop! It's made in my favorite fabrics, which I've got at a lot of! Of course I had to start making this as fast as I came home!

Got to cut a lot of fabrics for this quilt, and also got to finish some blocks for it already :o)  I will make this quilt for my DS1. I really hope he'll like it as much as I do!
Been sewing for some years now, but never finished a quilt for my boys yet, and I think it's about time I make them a quilt each! It's a bit hard to find fabrics and also patterns that is really "boyish", but the "Comfort quilt" is just perfect! And it's pretty fast to make to, so I might make my three boys a quilt each with this pattern. Got so many gorgeous japanese fabrics to use in a quilt like this, and I think this will be fun and fast to make.
Maybe I'll end up making one for my dear Hubby too :o)

It's great to get to do some sewing now when I have three weeks off work. The weather is not like it should be, so much rain and low temperatures. Think we've had just a couple of days that where really nice the last month or so. I really hope we'll have a lot of sun and warmer weather during the summer holidays. The kids gets a bit bored when they're not able to be outside riding their skateboard, and we usually go to a lake near by to go swimming and sun bathing, it's really not like summer is supposed to be. No fishing trips when it's raining and cold either. Hope it will change, so we'll have a great summer after all.

I've been sewing some more on my "My Garden" quilt, and hope to finish up some more blocks for it soon. It's a beautiful quilt, and I hope to finish some more during the next couple of weeks. I've got so many unfinished projects, but this will be one of the ones I'll work on. It just works best for me to do what I like, when I like. But that's me, you know :o) Enough of "have to's" during the days, so it's nice to make progress with my sewing projects in the way that works for me. They will all be finsihed, when I'm ready for it ;o) No pressure, and I like that.

I hope you all are having a great week, and that you're able to do some of your "want to's" between your "have to's". 

Happy sewing

Friday, July 8, 2011

Slow progress

There has been a slow progress on my projects lately, but now and then I've spent some time in my sewing room working on a couple of them. I've made some blocks for my "Picnic" quilt, using only reproduction fabrics. I've made 40 blocks so far, so still 40 more to make.
The pattern for this quilt is from Kim Brackett's new book "Scrap-basket Sensations".
Pop over to Kim's blog to read more about the Fat Quarter Shop's Scrap-basket Sensations Quilt club. 

It's been a while since I finished all the blocks for this gorgeous quilt, the "Short story" from the book Schnibbles times two, and I've started to join the rows. They are all ready to be joined together, so not much work left before the borders ;o)

I got a nice little packet in the mail yesterday, Lynette Anderson's BOM "My Garden" arrived!!! Typical me, I didn't get it while my local quilt shop had this for sale... Looking at  all the lovely blocks around on my friend's blogs, I just had to ask around to see if anyone knew where to get it! May Britt (Abyquilt) helped me out, and gave me a hint where to get it, she did find out that Lynette Anderson had a few available over at her webshop! Woohoo!!! The thread used in this BOM was already in my stash, so yesterday I got to trace the nine stitchery patterns and got to start stitching :o) Block #1 is in the making! Me like!!

I will enjoy stitching this between making progress on the other projects during my Summer Holidays, and look forward to add the fabric strips to complete the blocks. The colors in this BOM is just the perfect colors, and I will get to  use lots of my japanese fabrics/scraps in this quilt :o)

The weather here in Trondheim is not too nice today. Forecast and a little rain. A perfect sewing weather, so it's fine by me for a while, but hoping that it will be some sunny days during this summer too. It's been chilly and too much rain until now... 

Wish you all a great and creative weekend 



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