Monday, May 5, 2008


Today i had a day off, and I had a wonderful time on my own, trying to reduce my stash! I did get some cutting done, and I have already started to try to put together two quilts. I just had to start on something new again, since the other projects I have started on earlier, is still not unpacked....
I got this pattern for the Hexagon quilt a long time before Christmas, and I just had to try to make something from it:-) I guess one will be a big tablerunner, and one will end up like a big scrapquilt. Look forward to get it sewn together and to get starting on the quilting.
I would really love to have some suggestions from you gals out there:-)

It is so fun to play around with all the lovely fabrics! It has been so long time since I did some serious sewing, because of our moving and the celebration of our son. But it was so fun to catch up with the sewing again. Maybe it was a bit healthy to have a little pause? I think so:-)
Happy sewing to you all:-)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Yesterday we had a celebration for our son Roy. We had a big family dinner and we had such a fine day. Our son is now a young man:-) He is such a fine young man, too, and looks so good in his suit!
Roy's konfirmasjon 3.mai 2008
After the ceremony inside the church, we took some pictures outside the church. It was raining a bit, but that didn't matter:-) Still smiling:-)

We had order a cake with a picture of him from when he was around six years old on it, as a surprise for him. This was really such a fine day for all of us:-)


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