Sunday, September 14, 2008

Orion Star quilt in progress and blog awards

I got these two awards from Blåbærtua:

Thank you so much:-)
I'm happy to give them to:

Blåbærtua - Of course you deserve to have the awards back! Your blog is great, and you do wonderful work!
May Britt - She makes such wonderful things, and I love her "words for today".
Darcie - I am a fan of her quilting, she's a great artist! And she is always so positive!
Tazzie - She makes so many lovely things. Check it out!
Bonnie - For being such a source to inspiration, and for sharing her knowledge on scrapquilts. And she is a master of making mystery quilts!

So many others should have these awards, but this time I will not make a longer list.

Finally I got to do some more blocks on my Orion Star quilt. I finished 14 blocks this weekend. I'll have to go shopping for blue and brown Japanese fabrics, I have used them all up! I will have to make the same amount of blocks to make it big enough, so that means buying 5 of each. I think I'm taking the trip to Quiltegården next week:-)
I also made some more blocks for "My blue heaven". Only 8 blocks left to do, and they are already half done:-) Cannot wait to get to the finishing part!!!
I have not had progress on my OTR this weekend, as I decided to clean up my sewing room a bit, and get some of the projects I have laying around in my room, finished. A bit more tidy now:-)
But I have so many projects going on... too many... I guess I'll have to finish some more... Several of them are precut, and just ready to sew... Hope to have some time in the future days to sew some more:-)
Earlier this week I did some of the blocks for the BOM I am part of. Åttebladrose fra Lappemakeriet.
It is a beautiful quilt, and when I saw the picture over at Hanne's blog, I just could not resist joining it! Check it out!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Some progress on the mystery

I managed to get some pinwheels done on my mystery this weekend. But only 20....
I started putting some of the blocks together, to see how it will look like. I'm not sure yet, but I guess it will be ok with these colors in between.

One of the reasons I didn't get to sew more than I did this weekend, is that my dear took the Bernina with him, as he went to make me a sewing table. He is such a handyman!!! Look at the awesome table he made for me! He had this table stuffed away at work, and he made a case for the machine, and made a plate of plastic glass surrounding the machine. It fits just perfect! The hight is just perfect for me, and now I don't need to worry about having my shoulders up to my ears anymore:-) I guess this means a lot more sewing for me now:-)

Happy sewing!



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