Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Work in slow progress

Things are going a bit slow with me these days, but progress is progress, right?
I've finished a few more blocks for the "Kitchen Sink" quilt. I really like the way they turn out!

I have a day off work tomorrow, and hope to do some more blocks between some house work. I've decided to arrange the blocks a bit different than in the pattern, and that's why I've been sewing four blocks together to make the finished block. It's a lot of piecing and ironing, but it's so worth it! Look forward to figure out the two fabrics I'll need for the two borders :o)

The Spring is finally here now, and so much of the snow has melted during the last two weeks. Nice!
I am looking forward to be able to sit out on the porch a lot more, and just to feel the sun warming :O)

Happy sewing,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A new scrap quilt

I had a day off work Friday, and most of the time I spend in my sewing room, I did a lot of cutting. I actually cut pieces for the whole quilt I'm going to make. I bought this book a while ago:

Just searching randomly on the internet after scrap quilt patterns, I spotted the book at Soft expressions' web page. The nice thing about this page, is that they show the content of the books, so you know what patterns you will find inside :O) I think that's great!

The funny thing is, I dicovered the quilt I wanted to make from this book, the day before my book arrived, at Wendy's blog, "Snippets of a Quilter". The pattern is called "Kitchen Sink", and I just love these blocks! So many possibilities with this pattern!

I am still sewing the pieces for the blocks, guess I'm half way or something.

This is how it looks so far:

I've several more colors that is not yet finished, but I think it looks great already :o)
The blocks are set on point in the pattern, but you can also just sew them together in rows like in my layout. I havent made up my mind about that yet, I have to finish the blocks first. I've cut more pieces of fabric than required, since I want the quilt a bit larger.
This is one of my favorite patterns till now, and this pattern must be a perfect one for the care quilts I am planning to make :o)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quilt guild meeting and some care quilts

My local quilt guild is having their monthly meeting tonight, and Im really looking forward to it!
We are going to have a second hand sale tonight, and everyone that has books, patterns, fabrics or other quilty stuff they no longer need, can bring it and sell it to other members of the guild :o)

I am also going to hand over three care quilts to Sølvi. I quilted two of the quilts an other lady in the quilt guild made, a while ago, and got to finish the bindings today :o)My mom made one more care quilt, too, and I think she did a great job!

Hope to finish some of the other care quilts I have in my sewing room soon, too. If you want to see more of these quilts, you can visit the care quilt blog, Tepper til St.Olav.
If you live in Trondheim, and want to donate a quilt or help us sew some quilt tops we can quilt, just let me or Sølvi know! We really need more quilts, and would be happy to have help from you!!!

Wish you all a great day,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

One more finish :o)

I'm attending a little contest on Lappedilla's facebook page. It's a UFO contest that everyone that is a fan of the page, can attend. Just for fun :o)
I got to finish a table runner today, that's been in my UFO bin for some months. Only half of the binding needed to be hand sewn, and it was finished... Don't know why I let this one just lie around that long... It took me a couple of hours only... Well, now it's finished :o)

I love the fabrics with the coffeè theme. I've got curtains on my kitchen with coffeè theme too, so I've finally got a table runner that goes along with them :o)
Guess I've got an other finish for the OPAM this month :o)

Happy sewing,


My first finish for OPAM, April

I've started so many projects during the few years I've been sewing, and I've got so many UFO's... It's a shame, I know!
I started working on this toiletry purse some months ago, so it's not the oldest UFO, but I finished it late last night :o) Whoowhoo!
To finish a project, big one or small one = satisfaction!!!

It's my own design, but I wasn't too happy about piecing so much by hand on this purse. Unnessesary to do so much hand sewing on a project that is going to be used, instead of hanging on a wall or something. The zipper, binding, and closing of the sides are done by hand, because of the curves. Thought it would be too hard to get nice by using the maschine.

I didn't get to make any progress on my 30's quilt yesterday, but I hope to get to work on it later today. Or maybe I'll dig out an other UFO? Who knows, I work best doing the things I wanna do, there and then, sometimes. I change my mind so quick, I just don't plan too much, I end up doing everything else, anyway. LOL!!! But that's me :o)

Wish you all a great weekend,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Some new fabrics to play with

I have been adding some new fabrics to my stash. Just couldn't resist to play with some of them today :o)
I've been wanting to make a quilt in 1930's reproduction fabrics for a long time, and now I added enough different ones to start. I am going to add some yellow and orange ones too, but this is the blocks so far:

Posted by Picasa
I haven't decided how to arrange the blocks yet, but I will make some more blocks before I make up my mind. These fabrics makes me think of SPRING :O)

Guess I'll be making some more progress on the quilt tomorrow, so well see how far I will get during the Easter Holidays :o)




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