Saturday, May 23, 2009

And some more blocks :o)

Got up early this sunny morning, and between spending some time out in the sun, I got to finish two more blocks for the Patchwork Party :o) The first one is called "Friendship Card", and the other one is called "Engagement Party".

They are so easy to piece together when cutting the pieces with the templates. Everything just fits right :o)
Now I'm taking a break to get ready for the concert this evening.
Happy sewing to you:o)


Inger said...

De er bare flotte disse stjernene dine, og så flittig du har vært. Ha ei fortsatt fin helg. :-)

Mosbøjenta said...

Kjempefine blokker! :-) Du lager utrolig mye lekkert, en inspirerende blogg! :-)
Nyt helga! Det gjør jeg, litjpia på 2 1/2 på dagen, quilting og tid med gubbeb på kvelden! Da er helga perfekt!:-) God helg!

Anne Ida said...

Oh, these blocks are fabulous! I absolutely love the Friendship Card block, a perfect combination of a friendship star and a card trick block! Have a lovely Sunday!

LeKaQuilt said...

Det er jenta som har stått på! Kjempe fine blokker og stoffene er nydelige :o)

Anonymous said...

Your blocks are looking beautiful you must be happy with the way they are coming together.


Julia said...

Just beautiful Laila...
I'm loving these blocks and the colours you have chosen is beautiful...
Julia ♥

Sølvis blog said...

Voldsomt som du syr blokker for tida da - skal de bli noe stort? Du har kanskje sagt det før, men jeg har ikke fulgt helt med i timen, som vanlig.

martameiga said...

I love the colour of these patchwork party's blocks... they are so sweet! And the blocks look great.
I am late with my own patchwork party, the winter one, because I was hand-sewing, I guess the following ones will be machine done.
I look forward to see the final result of it!



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