Friday, May 22, 2009

Patchwork Party in my sewing room :o)

I got mail today :o) The templates for the Patchwork Party 2009 arrived today! I just picked one of the blocks, and got on with the cutting right away. One block is finished :o)Ta-Dah! is the name of this block. You can get this block from Grandma's Attic.
There is a template for every single different piece, so it's not necessary with a bunch of rulers doing these block :o) So easy, and so quick! Along with every block, there is a little charm, and they are sooo adorable! I'll post a picture of them later;o)

I hope to do some more sewing tonight, and wonder which one of the blocks I'll start with...
Tomorrow there will be less time spent sewing. Hubby and me are going to a outdoor concert downtown early tomorrow night. Europe and Whitesnake are in town :o) Already got the tickets, and we hope for good weather and a great happening :o)

Hope you all will have a great weekend too :o)
Happy sewing,


Mona said...

Nydelig blokk og nydelige farger.

binni said...

Gud kor produktiv du e. Reine ræser'n jo. Ha ei fin hælg & kos dæ på konsert'n i mårra!


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