Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have been followong the blog tour and give aways that was about Kim Brackett's new book "Scrap-basket Sensations". Yesterday Brown Quilts announced the winner of the day of the blog tour. And I was the winner of the book! I had to read it three times to belive it! I'm sooo excited! This book was on top of my wish list, but since I'm working on two of the quilts from her earlier book, "Scap-basket Surprises", I decided to wait to order it till these two quilts where finished. But now I'll get my own autographed copy! Ain't that cool?

I digged out my "Kitchen Sink" from my WISP bin the other day, and I have to admit I got inspired to do so when reading about the new book. 
Yesterday I finished piecing the last two rows on my "Kitchen Sink"!
I'm not sure what fabrics to use for borders yet, but hopefully I'll figure it out soon. Really wanna finish this top and get it ready for quilting. 
I love how it turned out so far!

I made the quilt a bit larger than the original. I will use wool batting, and been thinking about hand quilting it. But then again, it might not be finished for such a long time if I do hand quilt it...
We'll see. Got some time to figure that out :o)

I'm going to clean up my sewing room today, it looks like a mess after spending time in there the last days. I love to clean up after every project. I get more motivated when I do so, and it gets pretty dusty when I've been cutting and sewing for some days. 

Wish you all a great and creative day

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kitchen Sink update

I've been playing with the blocks for the "Kitchen Sink" quilt I started working on a while ago. I haven't been sewing so much for a long time, and it was so nice to work with this one again. I think this is one of my favorite scrap quilts ever, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result so far. Sort of what I imagined in the beginning :o) I've been looking for a brown fabric for the triangles for so long, and didn't find any I really liked. But I figured out I should give the blue one a try, and I don't regret that. I think it fits pretty well with the rest of the fabrics, and all of them are reproductions fabrics I've been collecting over the last year or so.
The photo is a bit dark, but I'll take a better one in daylight during the weekend ;o)

When I made the post on my blog about starting to make this quilt, I got an e-mail from Kari Veslum (no blog). She recognized the quilt I worked on when she read my blog post. She told me she had made this one also, and thought it was fun to find it on my blog too. She sent me a photo of her quilt, and it is gorgeous!

Don't you think Kari's quilt looks great? 
I think it is fun to hear about others who did make, or are making the same quilts as I am. We can inspire eachother, and see the different variations in colorways others did choose. I know she gave this away as a Birthday present, and that she is making one for her self too. I really hope to see that one too :o)

I've had a day off work today, and just enjoyed some time in my sewing room and a few other things I haven't got the time to do for so long. I decided to have a day off the "have-to's" too. I think I really needed that. It feels so good to be doing something for me, without feeling guilty and selfish. I usually do feel selfish when I neglect housework and doing other stuff a mom have to do every day. It just "charge my batteries" sometimes :o) We all need to do that now and then.

The kids are having a week off school next week, the Winter Holidays, and I have a week off work too. I hope to do some sewing, and doing some cozy stuff with the kids. Maybe bake some cinnamonbuns or something, and do stuff we don't have time to do when  the days are filled with school and work.
I'm looking forward to just enjoy some quality time with them :o)

Last weekend my Hubby bought me some lovely white roses (my favorite) for the Mother's day. Tried to shoot a close up, but I'm not a good photographer... But I liked this photo anyway :

Wish you all a great and creative weekend 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Had a great weekend :o)

Last weekend, I attented Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen's class at Quiltegården.
Anne-Pia is a well known designer, and her last book "Flowerpower Patchwork" is a really great book, with lots of gorgeous patterns and projects. She told us how to do every project from the book, and she showed the projects step-by-step, so it was so easy to see what she talked about. Thank you, Anne-Pia, for a lovely and inspiring weekend!

I wanted to make the knitting bag from the book, and I bought some gorgeous fabrics to play with :o)

Anne-Pia's bag is on the left side of the photo, and mine on the right side. I didn't finish mine at the class, but finished it the day after.
My knitting bag is already stuffed with knitting pins and patterns that I've got stored in plastic bags till now. Think I'll make another one too, so I can have one to take with me too. I like to work on some easy projects when I'm taking knitting or sewing with me when I am on a visit or meeting, and the ones with more complicated patterns stay's home :o)

I took some photos on the first day of the class, but forgot to take some of the Anne-Pia's projects, and photos from the second day :o(
This is some of the ones I did take :

You can visit these blogs to see more photos from the class:

 Thanks so much to Anne Mari and Liv Guri, who took care of our lunch, coffee and tea this weekend. They made us some yummy waffles, and Anne Mari made homemade bread for us too :o) We're pretty spoiled when we attend the weekend classes at Quiltegården ;o)

Earlier this month, I got the "Winter Blooms" back from Merete, who did the most gorgeous quilting on it. Finished the binding on it, and it's now on display at Quiltegården :o) Some close up's:

Happy sewing Laila

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new top is finished

In November last year, we where a group of ladies from our local quilt guild who met for a sew-along to work on charity quilts. I had cut a lot of pieces to make a quilt from a pattern I did see over at Mary's blog. One of the other ladies brought the same pattern, too! Her quilt was turning out so great too :o)
I managed to piece all the blocks that evening, but they've been in a box since then....
Some days ago I started to piece them together in rows, and yesterday I started working on the border. I wantet to make the border a little easier than in Mary's pattern, but I still wanted the bricks to be surrounded by the white fabrics... Some thinking later, I came up with this:

I'm pretty satisfied with the result, and I hope to get to quilt it soon, and binding it. Here is a close up on the fabrics:

These fabrics have been in my stash for so long, and I'm glad I found a project to use them in. They are all from the same fabric line except the white one,  but I cannot remember the name of it... 

I hope to sew some more later this weekend, but since a cold is heading my way, I will find some stitchery to work on, and make myself a big mug of Tea and stay under a blanket for the rest of this day :o)

Hope you are having a great weekend, 



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