Monday, September 28, 2009

An exciting weekend at Quiltegården with Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley

I was going to make a blog post yesterday, but blogger didn't work:o(
I've had the most amazing weekend, with so many lovely ladies, a lot of sewing and laughing.
The weekend at Quiltegården started with a great trunkshow with Gail Pan and Leanne
Beasley at Friday. They came all the way from Australia to tell us about their designs, how they work and the patterns for the weekend class, and it was so exciting to get to meet them.
This is Siw, the owner of Quiltegården, introducing our teachers for the weekend :o)

This is some of the projects they've brought for us, a lot of yummy stuff if you ask me :o):

When Saturday came, we all where really excited and eager to get started.

Sølvi, Gro and me waiting for the class to start. Already laughing :o) What a great way to start the day! This is some of the other ladies before the class started on Saturday:

Leanne and Gail did show us and told us about the projects for this day before we started:

Our teachers didn't mind us taking photos all the time, and we sure did take a lot of photos!!! But I think they had some great fun too, they was always smiling and laughing with us. Gail and Leanne in front of some of their projects:

They really have a great sense of humor, and an enthusiasm that was so contagious:o)
We laughed and had fun the whole weekend through, and I was really sad when it was over...
But I have a lot of memories from this weekend, and a lot of photos too :o)

Gail, me and Leanne:

Gro, Gail, Leanne and me:

Some of the blocks that was finished this weekend:

So many different colors, but oh! so beautiful!

Many of us where bloggers, and it was so nice to meet the persons I know from the blogging, and I got to meet new ones too :o)
I don't remember everyones' name, but Sølvi has a list with links on her blog :o)

This is at the end of the day on Sunday. What a great bunch of talented ladies!

I am so happy Siw did make this happening real for us, and I am so glad I got the chance to meet Gail and Leanne. This event was really something special for me. I'm going to miss them and their laughter so much!
Hope they've had a great time in Norway too and I hope they are enjoying teaching their class at Hurtigruta these days, and I wish them a safe trip back home :o)
Thanks also to Heidi and Inger Marie that helped us find all the stuff and notions we asked for, and to Anne Mari and Liv Guri, who took care of our lunch, coffee and tea this weekend. They made us some yummy waffles, and Anne Mari made homemade bread for us too :o)

Still high on vitamin Q, I am trying to finish my "Laila's garden", and I'll post photos of that later ;o)

Happy sewing,

Monday, September 21, 2009

A couple of things done today :o)

Got to do a lot of sewing yesterday, and I almost finished the top on my "Purple love". But since I figured out I wanted it a big longer, I had to sew some more seams and cut some more fabric... This evening I finished the top, and I look forward to get it quilted soon. Got to buy some backing fabric first. It's about 56" x 70" (142cm x 177cm). A perfect size to wrap around me on the couch when I'm having my powernap now and then :o)

I also finished the top of one of the charity quilts tonight. Only the outer border was left to do, so it didn't take much time. I have to find some backing for this one too, and then I will be able to quilt it. Got a couple of ideas :o) but we'll see. Hope to finish this one before my quilt guilds next meeting next month:o)

It's late, and I'm heading for bed, and hope for some time for sewing tomorrow too :o)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Progress on my "Purple love"

Yep! "Purple love" is the name for my quilt. Since I really love purple, I'm going to give the quilt that name:o) I've never named a quilt before, always made quilts from other's patterns. But this time I made one from my own head, pretty much alike the scrap quilt I made this summer. This is sort of a "controlled scrap quilt", I think :o)
So easy to make, but I just love the way it looks :o) And this I'm keeping, and I look forward to get to use it!
It's not easy to see the true colors in this picture, since it's late at night, and the light in my sewing room mess the colors a bit. When I'm finished piecing it, I will take a photo outside, and then the colors will show better. Many of you already know these fabrics, I guess, so you have an idea :o)
I started collecting those fabrics when I made "Festfin frøken" back in November last year, and got the last piece I needed on Saturday :o) Lucky me, found the fabrics I needed at Quiltegården, Solfrids quiltestove and the last one at Polar Quilt. Yay!

It's been a rainy day (again....) today, and I've pretty much spend the whole day sewing. It's been a while since I've spend a whole day sewing, but it feels great, even if my back and my neck is almost killing me... But it's worth it!
Cannot wait to continue with it, and hope to find some time for a little sewing tomorrow too.

Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite ;o)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some sewing again

There haven't been much progress in my sewing room lately, but I have been working on the blocks for the "A Christmas wish" BOM by Gail Pan. I've finished three of the blocks, and started on the fourth one. The last part of the BOM is now released, and I love the wallhanging. I'm a fan of meaningful words and sayings, and I'm going to keep this one to my self:o)Tonight I surfed the internet, and a lot of blogs, looking for some inspiration. I found Bonnie's pattern "Star Struck", and I just love this one. I've looked at it before, but never got to try it before now. So yes, I guess I have started another project again ;o) But I think I'll be sewing on this one only now and then, between the other projects I'm working on. It's nice to cut some extra pieces while your working on other projects, and suddenly you've got enough pieces for a whole qult. I have several boxes for different sizes, ment for this, and there is some quilts to come from them, some day ;o) I don't throw away pieces I know I can use, and when I organize it like this, I'm able to find them and use them. If I crash the little pieces in a big bin, I don't find what I'm looking for, and I'll never use them, and that's too bad.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, and doing what you like and what makes you happy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A new project for Christmas :o)

I've got one wallhanging for Christmas, it only needs the binding... so I figured...I need one more:o) Just couldn't help it, when I saw the last block on Gail Pan's BOM today. I downloaded the patterns, and started prepping all the blocks today after work. Cut all the nine blocks and traced the pattern for the stitchery. It didn't take long! I'm almost done with one now, before I head to bed :o)
It's just so cute!!! Don't you agree? I hope the rest of the pattern will be released soon :o)
Check it out : Gail Pan designs
Would be so fun to take to the show and tell when Gail and Leanne are visiting Trondheim. I'm so looking forward to the class their teaching at Quiltegården soon :o) I'm soooo happy I'm participating one of their classes :o)
I know there are a lot of you quilting gals out there, who is making this BOM, and I look forward to see how they all turn out. It's fun to see how different we do things, even with the same pattern to go :o)
I'm heading to bed, and I hope to work more on the blocks tomorrow. Wish you all a Happy night :o)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goals for OPAM September

Haven't been so busy in my sewing room lately, but I got to start on a new project :o)
I went to my quilt guild's meeting earlier this week, and I bought Gail Pan's new book " Baskets in bloom". It's a great book, with a lot of beautiful work with stitcheries and appliques. I
did fall in love with a little wallhanging called " Little Basket Blue". The original is stitched with light blue variengated dmc thread, but I decided to use my favourite colors, purple... :o)
Finished size is 9" by 11", and it's going to be hung on the wall with a frame in wood.
It's lovely, isn't it?

I forgot to report my goals for the OPAM this month, and I have two goals. The one is the stitchery above, and the second is the wallhanging I started some time ago, a stitchery project by Cinderberry stitches:

Today I finished cutting all the pieces for the next charity quilt. I got to pick up some more fabrics from Sølvi at the quilt guilt meeting, and my mom is going to piece it togheter. This is the pile of pieces:
Lots of different fabrics, but I think it will be a great quilt :o) I forgot to take a picture of the baby quilt she made, but I know it's on it's way to a little baby girl soon :o)
Guess Sølvi will have photos of the care quilts as they are delivered to her at the care quilt blog "Tepper til St. Olav".

I am going to work some more on my purple quilt today, and hopefully I get to finish it this month, but I don't wanna rush it. I am not a speed piecer all the time, but as long there is progress - it will be finished ;o)

Enjoy your Sunday,


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