Sunday, November 22, 2009

Advent table runner finished soon

I've spent most of the day in my sewing room today. Since Hubby and the two youngest was out of the house the whole day, I could enjoy some time sewing. I managed to prepp two table runners, and I got to quilt one of them too. Tomorrow I will make the appliques for them and try to finish the quilting on the other one too.

I like these fabrics so much, and I'm glad I bought so much of them last year. I like these colores for Advent, and I want to make one for my own dining table too, but first I have to finish these two. One of them is already ordered from a friend :o)

I am also looking forward to Friday, and the release of Bonnie's new mystery "Carolina Christmas". Bonnie is always making such stunning quilts, and the mysteries are fun to follow. I'm only half way with the "Old Tobacco Road" quilt, but I'm getting there, one day... It's stored away for a while, but I know I'll get to it when the time is right. A lot of precuts in the bin, so it's not that much work to finish.

I'm looking forward to have a week off work,starting tomorrow, and maybe get some time to sew. I didn't use all my vacation weeks (5 weeks) during the summer, so that's why I'm having the whole week off :o)

Wish you all a great week, with lots of creative moments :o)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Long time, no see

Finally I got some time to do some sewing. I finished my table runner tonight, and now I can move on to an other project :o) Don't know which one yet, but I'll figure out that real soon :o)

I was going to sew on the saying "God Jul" (Merry Christmas in Norwegian) at each end like the pattern says, but I think I'll just drop it. I think it's nice without too.
I'll have the whole week off work next week, and hope to do some sewing then too. Got to get ready some more Christmas stuff :o)

Today I got some goodies in the mail too, and I would like to start on several of the projects in these books. I ordered these a week ago, and I just love the quilts on the fronts of the books.

Wish you all a great weekend :o)
Happy sewing,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A giveaway!

LekaQuilt is having a giveaway. Go visit her great blog, and join :o)

Happy sewing,

Progress this month

This weekend I got to continue working on some of my (many...) projects, and I have a finish too :o)
It's just a pair of potholders, but still... a finish:o)
I've prepped two other pairs too, and they only have to get binded.

I also finished the top for an advent table runner, just like the one I made last year. I have blocks ready for an other too, and I will continue work on the both of them before I start something else.

I have to admit I feel the Christmas is coming too fast, as always, so I'll better get some stuff done soon. Our local guild is having a Christmas sale in two weeks, and I have't got so many projects for it yet. And I think I'll have to buy some more prestents this year as usual, because I haven't been able to make so many this year. But the Christmas will come either way:o)

I got to continue on the embroidered roses too, and I think it turns out nice :o)

These emboideries are so fun to do, and I bought a book (Japaneese) with all these stitches, and a lot of others, after the class on Thursday. Bet I'll make some special gifts with these in the future;o)

Thanks for your nice comments and opinions on the last post I made :o)
Look forward to continue working on the pinwheel quilt when the time is right.

Wish you all a great week, and I hope it will be a creative one for all of us :o)
(I'm hoping I'll get my pc this week, 'cause I'm borrowing my DS's still...That explains why I'm not replying to your comments so fast...)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Roses are red...

Yesterday I went to a class with Bente Tufte, a Norwegian designer. The subject for this class, was embrodery. Roses, leaves, sunflowers and so on. It was such an interesting class, and I did spend some time today in my sewing room, testing some more of these. I really like this, what do you think? No leaves yet, but I'll get to them next :o)

I have been playing with my favorite fabrics again, and I have made some pinwheel blocks, but I'm already having enough to be able to play around a little with them. Now, I just cannot decide which way I want the quilt... There is four alternatives, and I think I like the last one the most, but... What would you choose? Would be happy to get some tips:o)

I'm heading back to my sewing room, to make some leaves for my roses, so I wish you all a great Friday night :o)

Friday, November 6, 2009

OPAM report

Haven't been sewing much for a looong time. Been busy with other stuff :o(
But one of my goals for OPAM this month, is to finish a table runner I started on, a Christmas table runner. From AnnaKa of course:o)

Not a good photo, but you can see from the pattern picture which one I'm making. The one with the angels, and it says "Merry Christmas" in Norwegian. I really love angels, and I love everything with angels on.

The next project I hope to finish, is the backpack from Gail Pan's pattern. I finished the stitchery while I was in Oslo. Ain't it too cute?

I love this stitchery, and I've bought some purple fabrics I know will look soooo great for this project :o)

I'm still without my lap top, and still borrowing my DS's pc. I may deliver the piece of trunk back to the dealer, so i hope to get a new one. I hate it when it dies out time after time after time....
This time I told them I refuse to have it back, so they sent me a message to return the whole thing, so... maybe, I'll get a new one. FINALLY!!!!

The trip to Oslo was both great, and stressful and kind of not so great.
The greatest thing, was that me and mom got to meet Hanne Schneider and her fellow quilters at their quilt guild meeting the day we arrived. So many nice quilts to see, and so fun to meet other ladies I know well from Blogland :o) Several of them are belonging to Hanne's quilt guild:o)
We where in Oslo because I had several medical appointments there, at different places. So we had to rush from one place to another, so it was kind of stressful... But thanks to Hanne, we got a lot less stressful time! She made it so easy for us! And she also took us to Trådsnella, a little shop in her "neighbourhood", so we got to shop some, and we also got to see her lovely basket quilt. My mom just fell in love with it! And I can understand why, because it's so beautiful! Thank you again Hanne, for making our trip so nice for us :o)
When we where going back, our plane was suddenly an hour late, and when we finally got to get on board, we where told that there where maybe too much fog to land, so I almost cried of happiness when we got to land. We where so worn out, so we just wanted to get home, and jump into our own beds. MMMMMMMMmmmm. That felt soooo goood!!!!
I didn't at all love the flights, but it was ok, so I guess I'll be taking one again, but not right now! :o)
We got home safe, and that's what matters to me :o)

Look forward to get my pc back, and to leave comments on your blogs again. I'll be back soon ;o)

Wish you all a great weekend :o)


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