Sunday, May 3, 2009

Roses, I just love them :o)

I have a soft spot when it comes to roses. I've always loved them. When I painted on porcelain, I painted roses. Now when I'm into sewing, I just love the fabrics with roses. Soft roses, big roses, small roses. They are just so beautiful... Where we used to live, I had roses outside our house. I miss that, and I assure you I'll plant some outside here, where we're living today :o)
I painted this coffee cup back in 2001. It's standing in my sewing room, for the inspiration maybe?

Last night I did one more block for one of the quilts I'm doing. I also got to cut some pieces for three more, and I hope to get to sew them later today. I didn't get to sew more, because i just couldn't leave my knitting :O) I'm almost done with one more mitten now :O)
It's a beautiful Spring day today, with some sunshine, so I guess I'll be spending some time outside :o)


marina said...

Your china painted rose is beautiful. I love the effect in the green leaves too.
Enjoy your sunny day!


Flott krus og rose tøy du har:-) Helt enig at der er flott. Det er vist in i tiden med romatiske rose tøy. Håper du får deg oversetter på siden din;-))
Ha en fin og kreativ uke

LeKaQuilt said...

Ja roser er flott. Det er en nydelig kopp du har malt- du har mange talenter :o)

Anne said...

Vakkert med roser... og den blokka er fin!

Merete said...

Nydelig rose du har malt her, enig med deg om at roser er kjempeflott. (-talls rose blokka er flott, spent på å se hele teppet:-)

Darcie said...

Your talents flourish, Laila...just like a well-fed rose bush.

Hugs to you, sweet rose-loving friend

Karen said...

Excellent block and I love your painted rose.


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