Monday, May 30, 2011

Need some inspiration?

I just have to share a link to a blog I found yesterday. A perfect way to use white fabrics with lots of scraps: 
Hyacinth Quilt Design made a block called "Garden Fence", and it's so many variations of this quilt popping up in my head! Her quilt is just GORGEOUS!!! Pop over to her blog and check it out!
Enjoy :o)

I'm off to work some more on my scrap quilt, see ya!

Happy sewing,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A nice weekend

I've enjoyed some hours in my sewing room this weekend. Yesterday I digged out a care quilt (charity quilt) and got it basted, quilted and also put the binding on. Now it's only sewing the binding on to the back by hand left on this one. The top was donated by a lady in my quilt guild, and I've been having it stored away for quite some time now. 

Was about time I got to finish it! Got a couple of more donated tops to finish up, but I have to do some work on my own quilts in between. I like to work this way. Do what I like, when I feel like... You can see the other care quilts donated at the blog called Tepper til St. Olav, and a picture of the whole quilt above will be added there when it's finished. All the quilts you see in this blog are donated to our local hospital, for children with long term diseases.

Today I worked on a scrap quilt I started back in April this year. I got to finish the sashing between two of the rows, an I hope to add the third row before I turn off the lights in my sewing room tonight. 

It looks small on this photo, but it's huge! It's about 70" wide so far (left to right on the photo). I could add one more row, and it would be big enough as a quilt for a kid, but I think I will add the three more rows I've already pieced, and it will be aprox 70" x 102" (180cm x 260cm) finished. Big enough as a bed quilt :o)
We'll see, haven't made up my mind yet ;o)

Happy sewing,

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Butterfly dilly bag"

Yay! The "Butterfly dilly bag" is finished! 

I used a purple fabric I got from the same friend that sent me the beautiful thread. A perfect match :o) 
Since the pattern includes two different stitcheries, I placed one on each side of the bag.
I did one thing wrong tough... I didn't think twice before sewing and cutting to make the bottom corners, so the stitcheries ended up a bit further down on the sides than planned... But not too far down, phew...
This is a bit typical me when I'm not paying attention, but I've learned my lesson today!

So... this means I've got one more finish for OPAM this month, so now I've got two finished projects for May. I'm happy about that :o)

Happy sewing, 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little stitchery today

Started on a little stitchery today when the migraines that have been around, left today.
It's going to be on the front of a little bag called "Butterfly dilly bag". It's a pattern made by Gail Pan. So cute! I used the hand dyed thread from Cottage garden threads. I got this thread from a good friend, and so happy to finally find a project to use it in! 

And you know me, I LOVE purple :o)
I hope to finish the bag during the weekend, and if the weather is going to be like the weather station says, it's going to be sewing-weather. Rain, rain and rain.

Me and Hubby went to my parents place today while the boys was meeting some of their friends. I took my parents dog Luna with me for a little walk, and since noone else uses the track we went I didn't need a leash for Luna. 

No need to worry about meeting any moose with this "lady" walking along with me :o)

Happy sewing,

Monday, May 23, 2011

An old UFO came out of the bin today

I've been working on a quilt today, one I started in April 2009. I ripped up the seams I made back then, and rearranged the blocks. I made a quilt in blue and brown using the same pattern. You can see it here if you want to. This time I followed the pattern to make the blocks. I found the pattern over at Mary's blog. It's a double 4patch, a pattern that is easy, fun and quick.

This quilt is for my DS3, and I hope to finish the quilts for all of my three boys this year. One of them are almost finished, the blue and brown double 4patch. Just need a little more quilting on the border... Can't figure out why I haven't finished them yet.... Well, I'm at least on my way to :o)

Now I'm off to bed, so Happy night :o)

Wish you all a great and creative week,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A finished project!

It's been three weeks since my last post. I haven't been sewing during these three weeks at all, and it was so great to finally spend some time in my sewing room last nigt!
I got to finish the binding on the table runner I  wrote about in my previous blog post.

I simply love purple, the lavender/dusty kind of purple. I've always loved this color, and I'm thrilled there are so many lovely fabrics to get in these colors! And here in Norway, the purple have been popular for about a year, and you can buy a lot of interiour stuff and clothes in this color now. Me like :o)

I hope to be able to work on my sewing projects for a while now, I've really missed my sewing room a lot! 
You know, when "life just happends" and my neck doesn't work with me, I'll get slowed down. I guess we've all had, and will have, sort of "issues" to deal with now and then. Stuff that takes both time and a lot of energy to deal with. That's life, right?

Wish all a great weekend,


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