Monday, August 31, 2009

OPAM August and Giveaway

Just finished this little make up purse, and wanted to get it with my other finishes for the August OPAM :-) This is my fifth finish this month :-)
It's made from scrappy strips, and I pieced them together and quilted the purse tonight. I just love this little scrappy purses, and I'm going to make another in blue/brown, since I have a lot of scraps from the blue/brown double 4patch quilt.
I'm still waiting for my lap top to return from service, and I'm still using my DS1's pc now and then for blogging and facebooking. That means less time with the pc, more time to sew. But I am not sewing... No energy to do much, so I'm happy I manage to do some sewing tonight. I hear a lot of people like me, no energy and sleepy all day. I guess it's the weather or something. It's raining and it's dark, the Autumn has come... But with a lot of candle lights, and some cozy evenings, I guess it's not so bad after all :-)

Pop over at LeKa's place, she's having a great giveaway :-) This is one the things she is giving away:
Sooo cute!!!

Wish you all a great week,

Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm still without my pc, but sweetie DS1 lets me borrow his for some blogging :o) It's the second time my laptop gets a black out, and I got it in December! Must be my bad luck...

I have been lurking around the blogs I usually follow, using my phone, but I'm not able to leave a comment, sorry!

It's been a busy week, and I am so glad it's finally weekend! Hope to do some sewing this weekend, haven't been doing much of that at all since last weekend.
Last weekend I started cutting my lovely purple fabrics, have been saving them for a project I am making for my own. I want a quilt on my sofa! I don't keep so much of the things I make,
and I decided it's about time, don't you think?
But I have a problem, I don't have enough of the fabrics I want to use, so I need some help!
Do any of you keep any of these fabrics in your stash, and would like to let me buy it or trade in other fabrics?
I would like to continue with these, but if I don't get any more of them, I have to reorganize the whole quilt. It's just a easy quilt with these and a few others. But I love them so much!
The darkest one is a Lecien fabric, and the other three are from Quiltgate. None of the shops here in Norway offers these anymore, sold out :-(
I would really, really love to get some more of it, and would be so happy if anyone can help me.

Wish you all a great weekend, and thanks so much for all the nice comments on my blogposts :o)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another finish :o)

I digged into my UFO box today, and figured out I should finish these potholders. Only thing missing on them, was the heart... so it was no hard work :o) But anyway it's fun to have another finish! This is also a pattern by AnnAKa, and was published in Quiltemagasinet, a Scandinavian quilt magazine.The white and light brown fabrics I bought several years ago, and the fabric the heart is made of is not that old, but it's fun to be using some of the old ones too :o) I like these fabrics, and think they are great for kitchen stuff :o)
Back to the sewing room :o)

Another purse finished :o)

Today I finally got to do some sewing, and I finished another purse from the pattern called "Gla'veska" by AnnAKa. So that means another finish for the OPAM :o)I really hope the recipient is going to be happy about it. She liked the fabrics I got for it, so I think she will :o)

Have been struggling with my migraine again for some days, and I was so happy when it finally went away this afternoon. Yay! Finally some sewing again :o)
Tomorrow I hope to do some more work in my sewing room, and got a few other projects waiting for me to get finished ;o) I will get a couple of UFO's out of their boxes, I think...
I'm also working on a purple/white quilt (yes, a new one...), and I hope to show you some pics of the progress when I get some further progress.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long time, no see...

It's been so long between my blog posts, and one of the reasons is that my two youngest boys are using my laptop. There has been so many rainy days between a few sunny ones, so they've spend a lot of time playing with friends online...

I don't mind some rainy days, that means sewing time for me :o) With no bad feelings about it either ;o)
I am trying to finish stuff I've already started, but I also started a new project. I just had to play with some of the fabrics Sølvi gave me to take home, when I was at her place earlier this summer. It's fabrics for the charity quilts. I started cutting some pieces late Sunday, and yesterday and today I finished piecing some of it. It's not a big quilt, but it's a pretty happy one :o) Look forward to quilting it. I need a fabric for the border(s) too, and I think I have something in my stash that will fit.

Tomorrow I am heading down to Quiltegården to buy a new cutting mat. I really destroyed mine, when I was having my laptop on top of it the other day, and the laptop gets quite hot, so the cutting mat looks like it's got waves....:o( Take my tip: Do NOT keep your laptop on your cutting mat!
Whish you all a creative day :o)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Two finishes for the OPAM :o)

I have been working on the scrap quilt I started last month, and today I finished it :o) Whohoo!
It's the second quilt I finish completely, so I'm pretty satisfied whit that:o) I've made several tops waiting for wadding and binding, and now I really want to finish some more of them.
The quilt measures 48" x 60" (122cm x 152cm). A perfect quilt for a little girl?

I also finished a project I started a long time ago, so I guess it's right to call it an UFO? The only thing that was left to finish on this table runner was the binding... and that was already cut and pieced to fit around the edges of it... I guess I just forgot about it, till a friend of my mom came to visit me, and wondered if I had a table runner in purple for her :o)
So now I just have to deliver it at her place this weekend:o)

Hmmm... wonder what next to do... ;o)
Wish you all a wonderful and creative weekend,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some quilting, my goal for OPAM and an award

The day after I visited Sølvi, I got to finish quilting one of the projects I brought home from her. Just the binding is left to finish now:o) I'm not showing any photos here, I think I'll leave that to Sølvi, she updates the blog for these charity quilts when they are finished ;o) So now I have two of these quilts ready for binding. Hope to start with that job soon.

We have been away from Wednesday to Saturday, at my Hubby's parents place, and I didn't spend so much time sewing. We had fun fishing, and we caught some too:o) We did fish two days on a row, and caught ten small ones we had for late supper the second day. MMMM...Jummy!(Forgot to take a photo...) We also visited some friends of us at their Summer place while we where there. So I got to hand over the table runner to the reciepient:o)
She liked so much! So now I only have to finish her pillows with the same design too :o)

I spend a lot of time during the first week of our vacation sewing, and I started a scrap quilt I got to start the quilting on, yesterday. I finished the quilting tonight, and tomorrow I will find some fabric for the binding. It's a lap quilt size, so it will will be perfect for a little girl I think.

This is the layout before I pieced it together.

And this is how it looks after quilting.

This project is my goal for the OPAM for August.

Today I had a lovely lady for a visit at my place. May Britt is such a nice lady, and it was so great to have a chat with her about our common passion Quilting & Patchwork :o) And it was so nice to meet her in person!
We agreed on some ideas for storing our beautiful fabrics ;o) As you may know, she is also reorganizing and making a new sewing room at her place :o)
Thanks for the visit May Britt :o) Have fun in your new sewing room :o)

While I was away on our trip, I received a lovely award from Lekaquilt :

Thank you so much! So nice of you :o)
I want to give this award to some of the blogs I visit the most, and find very cozy and special, and that is:
Lekaquilt :o), Hanne, May Britt, Darcie, Sølvi, Julie, Kviltstina og Elin.
Thanks for the inspiration :o)

I think I'll check up on those bedbugs, it's way behind bedtime...


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