Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rainy days are great sewing days :o)

Today is another rainy day, and I have been
spending the day inside, in my sewing room :o)
Finished this sweet purse for a young girl, who is having her birthday soon. Her mom asked me if I could make her this, and she picked out the fabrics for it. She likes butterflies, so I hope she'll like it :o)
The pattern is "Gla' veska" by AnnAKa, with a few changes from my own head.

I am working on one in black and turquoise too, and hope to finish it today. A college of mine asked me to make that one.
These are fun projects to make, and they are not as time consuming as a lot of the other projects I have going on. It feel so good to finish something now and then too :o)

Yesterday I had such a great day with Sølvi at her place. I was there to pick up a few quilts I am going to help her finish quilting. I got to try her Megaquilter,
It was the first time I quilted this way, but it was so fun!!! Now I am even more anxious to buy a mid arm quilting machine!!! I quilted a quilt top one of the ladies made for the Care quilt project.
Several ladies in our quilt guild are making these for kids with long term diseases, and I am happy to do my share. It's based on charity, and there are a lot of beautiful quilts made, and most of them have been delivered to Sølvi, and quilted by her. She has quilted a lot of quilts, and is such a talented quilter. She has a blog with this projects, go check it out :o)

I'll have to return to my sewing room, so:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yay! A finish :o)

I really didn't think I would finish the table runner so fast, but I did :o)
The picture is a bit blurry, I guess it's because of the light in my sewing room and the fact that it's so dark outside! It's midsummer, but it's so rainy and the clouds are so dark, it feels more like late Autumn :o( The rain has been pouring down really bad all day, not once it stopped! It's still pouring down, so I guess it won't stop for another day...
Well, that means staying inside, and having some quality time in my sewing room :o)

I also made some progress on the two pillows, that will have the same owner as the table runner. Just have t
o quilt them, and then add the appliqué pieces. Guess I'll get to practice some free motion quilting on the back of the pillows :O)

This is a picture of the small blocks I made some days ago. I think it will be a baby quilt, guess it will be too small for a lap quilt, but I'll make up my mind after I'm done piecing all of them. I had just enough background fabric for 30 blocks. Just a tiny bit is left, its 2,5" big!!! That is what I call luck :o)
I love these fabrics, and some of them are the very first Japanese fabrics I bought. That is some years ago now...
I did some stashbusting here, and that is what I really love, Scrap quilts :o)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Some sewing :o)

I haven't been bloggin for a long time, the time seems to just fly...
I haven't been able to do much sewing either, so I hope to get some progress with that during the three weeks of my Summer vacation:o)
I have started on a couple of projects I promised to make for a couple of friends, and one of them is a table runner. It's a pattern the Norwegian designer AnnAKa made for one of her classes. I took her class a couple of years ago. Yesterday I got to quilt the table runner with some simple curves, and cut the pieces for the appliquéd flowers. I 'm going to continue with it today, and I will do the appliqué by machine.

I also started on a couple of new projects (again...I know...), but I just had to!!! I bought some reproduction fabrics a long time ago, and just couldn't get them out my mind. Just had to try to piece some of them into some blocks I have been wanting to try for a long time. I have no pattern to follow, it's in my head, but I used the EZ rulers I bought, a looong time ago... About time I used them, right?

I love this block, and I hope to make a lap quilt or wall quilt of them. I am thinking about quilting it by hand, but we'll see. I have been looking for a wall quilt pattern I could use for these fabrics, but I don't find "THE one"... But I'll keep looking. I really want to make one. One I can practice my hand quilting skills on :o) The other project I started, is a quilt with an easy star block. Forgot to take a pic of it, so I'll show you in a later post ;o) Hope you all are having a creative and great week,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Block piecing

Today I had a day off work, and finally I got to sew some. I'm almost finished reorganizing my sewing room, and today I had to take a break from that, and just sit down and do a block for the "Ring of Fire" quilt.The pieces for the block where already cut, so it was only for me to get to the piecing right away :o)
I think I am making the block right this time, I did some wrong turns on the ironing on the first two... But doing it this way, makes the midpoint spin, like the way it does when you are making the pinwheel blocks. Makes the block lie flat when its done. This is a wonderful quilt, which I have been wanting to make for such a long time. I have four of these blocks now, and I am thinking about making a wall quilt just to practice some freemotion quilting on it...
We'll see.

Today it is cold and raining outside, so I don't feel bad, sitting inside in my sewing room, enjoying some sewing :o) I am starting to look forward to the weekend, and for some more sewing then :o)

Happy sewing,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

OPAM challenge, goals for July

I haven't got any UFO's I want to finish this month, but I have promised to make a bag for a friend of mine, and that will be my goal for July :o)


No blog posts for a while...

but I'm still here :o)
I have been reading some of your blogs, and I can see many of you have lots of fun sewing and doing other things :o)
I haven't been sewing at all for many days, but I've been spending a lot of time in my sewing room. Reorganizing all of my fabrics. Hubby bought me a lot of bins at Ikea to store my fabrics, and while I was at it, I started counting as well. I figured out I've got about xxx meters of fabrics... LOL!!! I guess I'll really have to start sewing some after I'm finished with reorganizing...
The bins are for DVD's, and is perfect to fold fabrics and store it :o)

I got to separate all the colors, and when Hubby is finished making me the shelters for the bins, I know it will be so much easier to see what I've got. Earlier I stored my fabrics in huge bins, and they filled so much space of the floor in my sewing room, but now he is making shelters covering a wall in my sewing room, and he will also make doors for it. It will look like a closet when he's done, and then it will look some more tidy too...
Hopefully he will be finished the next week, and then it will be much more sewing for me :o)

Happy sewing,


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