Saturday, May 2, 2009

No finishes for me this month

No finishes for me for the OPAM 2009 this month. I had several projects going on, but I didn't get the time to finish them... I guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Life just happens ;o) and you don't get to do the things you want to all the time. But I won't let it bother me, and just do the things I can, when I can :o)
On Thursday, I did some yarn shopping. Just wanted to do some more knitting. I just think these baby mittens are so adorable, and just had to try knitting them. I finished the left mitten yesterday, and tied up all the threads today. Ain't it cute?
I've not figured out who is going to get them, but I guess it's a perfect gift to have for later on. I'm not having a baby, just to make that clear ;o)

Our oldest son is turning 16 next week, and he is going to get his driving license real soon after his 16th birthday. We helped him to find a bike he liked, and this is what we ended up with. It's a second hand bike, but since his dad is a handyman, they will make some changes on it, and get it in tip top shape :o) I think it looks so cool. Should have been sweet sixteen... :o)

Well I better get back to my sewing room a bit, since I have some time to do some sewing tonight. It's Saturday, and since Hubby and my oldest is working on the bike, and my twins are outside playing with friends, I decided to play around with some needle and thread.
Yesterday I was going to quilt one of the twins' quilt, but the batting was 5" to short!!!! So, it just has to wait, AGAIN.... But, I'm not short of plans, and have enough projects going on to work on. LOL...


Merete said...

Kjempesøte votter! Tøff sykkel sønnen har kjøpt seg.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful little mittens!!
I absolutely love them!!!!
It's great to do a a bit of knitting once in while, isn't it?!
I've been working on some children's knits lately and have been having a good time!
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Mary Ann

marina said...

Your knitting is beautiful. Have never been game to attempt that style. I have made some Aran jumpers though.
Better luck next month achieving a 'finish'.


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