Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking back

~And the last OPAM 2011 report~

It's almost weird to think about that this year is almost history. Only one day left of 2011!!!
I just can't believe how fast time flies!
I'ts been a year with ups and downs, fun and joy. I haven't been sewing as much this year like I've used to. But I guess when your health is the boss of what's going on in your life, I will have to say I'm thankful for every hour I've been able to be creative. It's my therapy, and most of all.... passion in life :o)

I thought I should make a collage with a photo of every finished projects this year. I've made 17 finishes, and I'm satisfied with that :o) Some of them small, and some pretty large ones. 

Looking at the photos, I realize a few of them are actually still in my house! I'm used to give away almost everything I make, but I've been making projects for myself and my own family this year :o)

I have to say I'm looking forward to a "fresh start" in 2012, and I look forward to start new projects and finish some of the ones I've already started. I've got some UFO's laying around still ;o) 

I'm looking forward to have a lovely dinner with my family tomorrow, at New Years Eve. I'm making turkey for us all, and that's my favorite :o) Yummy!!!

I wish you all a

Happy sewing,

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gifts and something new

Hope you all had some nice and cozy days with family and friends, and that the Holidays did bring joy and also some nice surprises :o)
I've had a great Christmas evening with my family, and we had a lovely dinner with desserts and lots of nice presents for both the kids and us grown ups.

I made only two of the Christmas presents this year. One quilt for my parents, and one for my Hubby's parents. 
The first one is a quilt I made starting in December, and finished the last stitches just the day before Christmas Eve. It's made from a pattern designed by Anni Downs, from the book "Some kind of wonderful", and the quilt is called "Snuggle quilt".
It's quilted on my longarm machine with a pantograph pattern called "Daisies Galore". 
(click on the photos to make them larger)

The next one is a quilt I started piecing in june 2008.
It's called "My blue heaven" and a design by Bonnie Hunter,  I found the pattern over on her web page. 
I finally got to quilt this large quilt when I got my longarm machine, and it's quilted with a pantograph pattern called "Quirky".

Today we did celebrate my mom's birthday. We where supposed to go to my parents place for dinner, but the storm last night cut the power to their house so we made dinner at our place instead. We had a lovely meal, and coffeè with desserts after. I've had lots of quality time with my family during the Holidays, and that's what Christmas is about :o)

The day before Christmas, an envelope with a pattern I waited for, arrived. It's a table runner with snowmen. I just adore snowmen, they are sooo cute! This is a pattern I ordered from Kathrine's quiltestue a while ago, but since she was sold out I had to wait till she got it back in stock again. I traced the motif on to cotton fabric today before the dinner party started, and I am now ready to start stitching. I guess it woun't be finished until next winter, but that's fine by me :o)

Aren't these just super cute? It's been a while since I made a pattern with snowmen, and I will enjoy every stitch :o)

The new year is only days away, and I've already made plans for what to finish and what to start working on the next months. I've got some exciting events next year, and I can't hardly wait! 
I'll write more about that in a later post. Got to check up on those bed bugs now, off to work tomorrow.

Wish you all a great new week, and happy sewing to those of you who have time to enjoy working with needle and thread :-)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

A little sneak peek

I've finished quilting a quilt today, a Christmas present for someone close ;o) Since I'm not able to show you the whole quilt yet, I thought I should give you a little sneak peek anyway :o)

The quilt is quilted with these cute daisies and loops all over. (And yes, you can see where I had to rip out a seam that was misplaced ;o)
Now I'll be working on the binding, so I guess I'll be enjoying some hand sewing this evening.

Trying not to think about everything that should have been done for Christmas. I have never been so unprepared for the Holidays before, but there's nothing I can do about it other than doing the best I can. 
I haven't got to send any Christmas cards, but I will send greetings on facebook to the ones I keep in contact with, so I figured that will have to do.

Hope you all are having a nice Sunday, and wish you all a great new week!

Happy sewing,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A visit and some quilting

On Monday this week, I had a great visit of Merete and Matt. Merete is the dealer of Innova longarm quilting machines here in Norway, and Matt is working as a technician at ABM International, the company that is the supplier of Innova longarm quilting machines.
Matt was checking that the machine was working well, and set up right. Thanks to Hubby who helped me set it up, it was not much Matt had to adjust :o)

I'm so happy about the great service from Merete too, and I'm so thankful for having the opportunity to ask her about how to do things on the machine. 

Last week I decided to be tough enough to load up the "Laila's garden" on "Miss Monster", and since Merete gave me some advice the last time she was here about what to quilt on a quilt like this, I just figured I should give it a try. I've been playing around on test-pieces of fabric and thought it was about time I tried to quilt on a 'real quilt'.
I had to rip out many seams in the beginning, but I learned how to use the machine for this custom quilting, every step on the way down the quilt. This is how it looked like when I was finished:

I think I will do some more quilting on the purple inner border, but have to figure out what I want in there first.  It's the very first quilt I've quilted like this, so it's not perfect! But  it's a start, and I think it was so fun to do! I know what I have to do different next time, and will definitely make another top with applique for custom quilting. It's so fun!

I've been practicing the pantograph patterns on several quilts now, and feel a bit comfortable with these. That means I don't use that much time to finish a quilt like I did in the beginning. I'm hoping to finish some more care quilts with these patterns,too, when I'm done with the things I need to do before Christmas. 

I'm trying not to be stressed about all the things that needs to be done or should have been done, I already know I'm not able to bake a lot, clean every spot in my house and so on either way. I plan to do what I can, and I plan to enjoy the days before AND during the Holidays. I think my kids and my Hubby is more happy about having me around smiling than sad and exhausted because I stress about every thing I should have done. It's not worth it, at all...

I was supposed to go on our local quilt guild's meeting tonight, but had to stay home and rest instead. Hope the rest of the ladies have a nice time with gingerbread and gløgg (mulled wine), and I also hope to see some photos from the projects in "show and tell" later :o)

Wish you all a great week, and hope you take time to enjoy some moments during the days before Christmas


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