Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cutting some strips

I've been cutting a lot of strips from some of my Japanese fabrics today. I am making some blocks by hand like the ones I learned at the class with Yoko Saito. They are for a project from the book by Yoko Saito, the one I bought at Quiltegården the other day. The project in the book are not made with the same blocks, but I thought I should add a 'personal touch' on it ;o) I'll show a picture later, when I get some progress done.
The strips are made for both regular quilting fabric, and the ones with structure. I really love these taupe ones!
You can see how the blocks looks like, lying next to the strips ;o)

The project is a little toiletry purse, and it's just sooo cute! Look forward to finish the two pieces I need to make for the two sides of it!

A little eye-candy:
This is a flower from my mom's garden. One of the most beautiful flowers I know!
It's called 'Blå valmuesøster' in Norwegian, and it's english name is 'Himalayan blue Poppy'.

Wish you all a great Sunday evening,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shopping and some new stuff :o)

Yesterday I went downtown, shopping at Quiltegården. My favorite quilt shop :o) It's been a while since I last time, so it was so good to see Siw again. I did spend a few hours looking at fabrics and stuff, and had a nice chat with Siw over a cup of tea :o) I took a few photos while I was there, and this is just a few yummy ones ;o)

Lots of inspiration, and candy for the eye...
Yummy fabrics, beautiful quilts and LOTS of lovely threads! I love variengated threads, and among several embroidery threads, Siw has got the hand dyed threads from Cottage Garden and the Cosmo Seasons variengated thread from Lecien. There are also a lot of gorgeous ribbons in her shop. Wish I could put the whole shop in a shopping bag and take it home with me :o)

I brought some treasures home with me. A pattern of some gorgeous needle pillows by Leanne Beasley, some fabrics, ribbons, purple (of course purple) variengated thread and a really great book by Yoko Saito.

I just had to trace and start on one of the stitcheries from Leanne's pattern last night. And I also traced two of them for my mum, so finally I got her to try stitching :o)

I haven't got time to do many stitches today, since last night Hubby finished the shelves he was making for me.
The other night he got to put the shelves over my cutting table up on the wall, and yesterday he came home with the shelves he built for me, to have under the cutting table. Now I'm able to organize my strips and pieces in bins so they will be easier to use :o)
I've been working the whole day sorting stuff in my sewing room, so now it's tidy at one corner of the room ;o) Tomorrow I will continue organize the rest of the stuff :o)

These three books came in the mail today, and I cannot wait to make some of the quilts in this books!!! Inpired by Kvilstina, I just had to have the Schnibbles book ;o) And I definitely reccomend all three books!

But first of all, I'm going to make a project from the Yoko Saito book. I'll post a picture when I've got started ;o) Just have to finish tidying the sewing room first :o)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm still here!

I've been neglecting my blog for so long, but I've finally got some of the urge for doing some creative work back, and feel like posting some stuff again :o)
I've started on an other 'Precious things' bag. It's nice to enjoy some sewing again!
This one is going to be a gift for a friend of mine ;o)

Some weeks ago, I got three little treasures. It's three gorgeous timbles. I got two of them from my mom from her little trip to Sweden, and one from a kind colleague from work.
I guess this is a start of my timble collection :o)

It's my second week of the Summer Holidays, and so far the weather has not been too good. It's been too many days with rain, so me and Hubby figured we could finally start the painting some of our furniture. It's an old cupboard we got from Hubby's parents about 15yrs ago, and it's not so nice looking anymore. But some paint can really do wonders!

We rubbed the whole thing, and we're painting it white. It will need to be painted with four layers till we get the paint looking nice, and we're done with two already :o) It looks great already! I'm so excited to finsish it, it looks so empty in our living room without it.

I'm off to do some sewing in my sewing room now, so I can get some progress done.
I'm working on the 'secret project', but I'm almost there, and will show you pics when I finish it ;o)

Wish you all a great day, and happy sewing,


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