Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OPAM report and AYOS

I have been working on my "Winter Blooms", and it's still on the frame waiting to be finished quilted. I am almost done, only a few hours of quilting left. 

I signed up for AYOS (Anothe year of Schnibbles), hosted by Sinta and Sherri. The quilt for January was the "Full House". I decided to make the pillow with these cute little houses, but since I didn't read the pattern well enough I ended up with making 12 big houses, the ones in the original "Full House" pattern.... so... I finally got to cut and start piecing the small ones that is meant to be used for the pillow this weekend, and finished most of them. We where celebrating Hubby's birthday on Sunday, so I had to make some cakes and stuff instead of sewing ;o) 
Today a stomach bug came and interrupted my sewing plans, so I have only the top finished, not a finished quilt :-(

I've used the fabrics in the Moda line "Ruby". Pretty happy colors :o)
So... No finishes for me this month, but I guess I will have a couple for next month then :o)

I decided to join the new BOM Civil War Journals. I got the first parcel from Fat Quarter Shop a couple of days ago, and looking forward to get time to start cutting and sewing. This quilt is really beautiful, and even if the Japanese fabrics are my favorite, I really love the reproduction fabrics. 
I got this blog button from Fat Quarter Shop, and if you are joining the BOM too, please use it on your blog if you like :o)

I'll be stuck in my favorite chair with some hand sewing in front of the TV tonight. Not feeling good at all, but there will be another day tomorrow :o)

Happy sewing,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out of practice...

Yesterday I finished the little secret I've been working on this month. I'm pretty satisfied with the result. 
It's my second "Winter Blooms", designed by Gail Pan. This is my favorite pattern made by her.

I made this quilt for Quiltegården a while back, and that one is still hanging in the shop so people who wants to buy the pattern can see what it looks like.

This is how "Winter Blooms" #2 turned out:

This one will be hanging on my wall, in our living room, and I can't wait to finish quilting it and do the binding!
I used some of the same fabrics like in the first one, and added some others with them.

Now...I do have a little problem... I've used all the dark brown fabric I had, in the quilt, and I also wanted to make the binding with the same one ( the one in the small border), so if anyone knows where to get it PLEASE let me know!!!
I bought the last piece Quiltegården had of it... so they're out too...

Late last night I loaded the quilt on to the longarm machine, and tried a few seams...but gave up. Too tired, so I thought I should give it a try tonight. But nah... didn't work, and I ended up unripping the seams over and over... I REALLY need to practice a lot more to get it like I want it to be. I'm a very impatient person, and hate to practice too much, and it's a downside about that, I KNOW!

These seams are not ripped out yet, but I will do that tomorrow, but it will give you an idea of how I am planning to do this.  It will look good when I just get some more practice :o) Not giving up yet!

I signed up for the "Another year of Schnibble", and I hope to finish the "Full House" quilt before the end of the month. Lots of cutting and sewing left, but hopefully I'll make it before the end of the month!!! It's a cute quilt that will look great as a wallhanging. That one will also get to decorate my living room, since there are no quilts to be seen in that area of my house :o)

I'm attending OPAM this year, too. I like the little "kick in da' butt" it gives me, to at least try to finish one project a month. 
Thanks so much to Peg and Kris for hosting it this year too!!!
And BTW!!! I won OPAM 2011's December drawing! Yay!
Got some lovely fabrics and a cute embroidery in a parcel from Kris. Thank you Kris!

Happy sewing,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No UFO's done yet...

...but I have been sewing these days... on a new secret quilt... for ME :o) 
I've enjoyed A LOT of needleturn applique (my favorite method), so now it's machine piecing all the way 'till it's finished! I can't wait to show you!!
Cannot show you yet (it wouldn't be a secret then, would it?)... but between the cutting the rest of the pieces for the secret quilt, I've got two house blocks done and a few more pieces for a few others. 
These blocks will be joined into rows for the "Full House" quilt, which is the first quilt in the "Another year of Schnibbles" sew-along. I'm using my japanese fabrics, and I hope this will be a nice quilt. I will make it a wallhanging and decorate my living room with it.

Are you joining the "Another year of Schnibbles" sew-along?

I hope to show some more progress soon :o)

Wish everyone a great new and creative week!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

My (long) list of UFO's

I thought I should make a list of all (most of) my UFO's, since Sølvi did write about her UFO's over at her blog, and challenged us other bloggers to do the same. Not such a bad idea I think :o) Maybe it's easier to make some goals along the way :o)
I have UFO's I started sooo long ago, and many of them really should be finished in a day or or so...
Well, here's my list:

UFO #1
The purse I started when I attended Yoko Saito's class. Only one side almost finished, so some more work needs to be done here :o)

UFO #2
A great scrap quilt I'm making with Bonnie Hunter's pattern. Most of the blocks are pieced, and the rest is already cut.

UFO #3
A baby quilt I started making from my own head after seeing something similar at a photo on facebook. Made by using a precut jellyroll.

UFO #4
Gail Pan's free BOM "A Christmas wish". All blocks are ready for piecing.

UFO #5
Blocks made from a pattern I don't remember... But got enough blocks to make a quilt, and lots of cut pieces to make more blocks...

UFO #6
My 9 Dear Jane blocks pieced into a wallhanging/table runner. Almost finished with the hand quilting.

UFO #7
This is one of the oldest UFO's in my bins. I did start machine quilt a little bit, but I think I'll pick it up and finish it on my longarm machine . 

UFO #8
A table runner almost ready for quilting.

UFO #9
An other table runner, just needs a couple of appliqued pieces, and some cutting.
Pattern by Lynette Anderson.

UFO #10
Pincussion, just needs piecing and the ric rac. 
Pattern by Leanne Beasley.

UFO #11
One of the blocks in a large quilt. 
Have been cutting along when I cut for other quilts, and the two bins with light and dark fabrics are piling up :o)

UFO #12
"Scrappy spools". Scrap quilt I started a while ago, and most of the fabrics are already cut.

UFO #13
A quilt made with my own design. Most of the blocks are finished. Just need to add the sashing or the blocks between. Got to make up my mind ;o)

UFO #14
"Mocha Swirls". A pattern by Kim Brackett. Gail Pan and I did a sew-along on facebook a while ago, and most of the blocks are finished. Just need to piece the last ones, and then join the blocks into a quilt.

UFO #15
A quilt made by a pattern of Carrie Nelson.
Most of the pieces are precut, just needs to be pieced into blocks.
Finished these blocks before this one became an UFO....

UFO # 16
Black and blue double 4patch. 
Needs some more cutting, and making the rest of the blocks.

UFO #17
Easter decorations. Just needs a few stitches, and then turn them into  hearts filled with batting.

UFO #18
A quilt I am making from Kim Brackett's newest book. 

UFO #19
A Schnibble quilt from Carrie Nelson's book. 
Got all the blocks done, and started joining them into rows. Got to join the rows, and add the borders before I can start quilting.

UFO #20
"My Garden BOM". Only a few of the stitcheries are finished. Will enjoy working on this between all the others ;o)

UFO #21
"Kitchen Sink". Another quilt made from Kim Brackett's "ScrapBasket surprises". Need the two borders. Got to go shopping :o)

UFO #22
"Heart of the home backpack". A pattern by Gail pan. Need to make the back and lining.

UFO #23
I did start quilt this one, but I was not satisfied with it. I will undo it, and quilt it on my longarm machine.

UFO #24
My japanese wallhanging. Needs a lot of hand quilting before I can call it a finish :o)

UFO #25
A baby quilt made with reproduction fabrics. Need to make more blocks, and figure out how to join them.

UFO #26
My Irish chain quilt. The top is almost finsihed, but I couldn't find the other photo. Need to make the quilt a bit wider, and then quilt it.

UFO #27
An other Schnibble quilt. Need to add the borders, and then quilt it.

UFO #28
Schnibble quilt that only need to be quilted.

These are not all my UFO's, but I'll try to finish most of these during 2012.
I know I can finish most of them, since some only needs a few hours of work. I will try to at least finish the ones that needs borders and quilting.

Are you going to line up some of your UFO's?

Have a great and creative new week, and happy sewing!

Monday, January 2, 2012

One more block

It was so hard to get up this morning and go work. Been sleeping in every morning during the Holidays, and we did stay up (too) long every night. But after a little power nap I felt like doing some more cutting and piecing. Finished one more block for the quilt I'm working on. Been digging into my scrap bin to use as much scraps I can. You see, the fabrics I have in my bin is the ones I like the most. Got to use as many as I can :o)

I guess I could have finished more if I worked harder, but no rush in my sewing room these days. I'm just not able to do some speed piecing yet, but I'll get there when the batteries are well charged again :o) 

I decided to join "Another year of Schnibbles" this year. I'm looking forward to that :o)
Want to join? Just click on the button on my sidebar, and you'll be sent to Sherri's blog to read about how this works. This is how the button looks:

I'm looking forward to go to my local quilt guild meeting this Wednesday, we'll learn a thing or two about paper piecing. I'll tell more after the meeting, and hope to remember to take my camera with me for some photos :-)

Hope you all will have a great  week, and happy sewing   

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's nice to start a new year whith a new project, I think. I've been doing some cutting and sewing today. I started on a new project from a book that arrived during the Holidays. It's a quilt called "Pie in the sky" from Kim Diehl's new book "Simple graces". I just love this quilt. Scrappy, and I love that!
I thought I would make it in reproduction fabrics, but found out I don't have too many different shades of colors in my stash. I started pulling out scraps of japanese fabrics instead, so this will be a stashbuster in the end :o)

Only one block is done so far:

I'm working slow today, since I'm trying to do some cleaning in my sewing room too. And I'm also knitting in between, so a little bit of this and a little bit of that... you know...

Tomorrow it's back to work again, and I'm looking forward to get back to the normal routines again. The kids have been turning the hours around a bit too, so I think two weeks off school is really enough... Back in business for us all tomorrow.

Wish you a great new and creative week,


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