Thursday, February 13, 2014

Comfort quilt #4

I can finally show you a quilt I've been working on. This is the fourth "Comfort quilt" I've made. I had to keep it a secret, because I made it for my brother for his birthday. I had some pieces for this already cut, from the other three with similar fabrics, so I saved some time making this ;o)

 I used wool batting, and quilted it using a panto called "Spiral square" and King tut variengated thread. 

Trying to take photos of a quilt is not so easy when you have two kitties who tries to cuddle up on the quilt while it's on the floor. I guess my brother will have to fight over this quilt with his furball, and I bet the furball wins ;o) Here are some close up's: 

I haven't been enjoying time in my sewing room for days, but tomorrow I have my Friday off work, so there will be some sewing or quilting then :o)

The two furballs are really getting comfy in their new home. The quilt I use for a power nap on the couch is no longer mine... Looks like Suzu is having a good laugh over that :oD

Wish you all a great and creative weekend!


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