Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not much going on...

There is no sewing or quilting going on over here, but I have been doing some knitting. I have been knitting during the months I didn't get to use my sewing room because of the renovations, and I knitted my first sweater. It's a Marius sweater, and I love it! Soft and warm.

I have been working on some secret projects too, but can't tell about them before the Christmas is over :o) Guess a lot of you are working on gifts for Christmas too, so you know ;o)

I really looked forward to get my sewing room back, but I have to admit I have no urge to sew much. I have no energy left to do much sewing, and that's why I haven't been quilting either. The last months have been stressful for me, so I just need to get my shoulders back down and get back to normal again :o)
I really hope I will feel better soon, and get my sewing mojo back again. 



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