Thursday, June 25, 2009

A giveaway!

Helen has got the most wonderful giveaway over at her place, Hugs'n kisses
isn't it a gorgeous quilt?
I really like the red with the stitcheries, don't you?

Happy sewing,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not so much sewing...

Haven't been much sewing or blogging for me lately,been a bit behind on everything, but I'll get there:o)
I have the weird habbit of wanting to do more than I'm able to, and then things just grows over my head, and I just have to ease down, and do one thing at a time. I guess You guys know what I mean :o)
A typical woman/mother thing I guess?

I've got to lovely awards the latest days.
The first I've got from Lekaquilt, Mona and Lise. Thank you so much to all three of you. That really warms my heart :o)

The second one I got from Lekaquilt. Thanks so much!

I'm supposed to send these awards to other bloggers, but to tell you the truth, I find so many of the blogs I follow so full of inspiration, great sayings and stories. You should all get these awards.
Please feel free to post the awards on your blogs, you all are special and have earned one :o)

No pictures from any projects today. But I'll do when I have found some time to do some sewing again soon:o) Just have to get my shoulders back in place, they are somewhere over my ears right now :o)
Whish you all a great week, and hope your days will be filled with creativity and the joy of life:o)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in Blogland :o)

Finally I'm back in Blogland :o) I have not been busy, just set back a bit because of some days with migraine again :o(
But I'm used to that coming, so I'll just have to use a little patience when it's "those days" now and then.

When I'm set back like this for days, I usually think about things I want to make, or make plans and dreams... So when I'm back in my sewing room again, I'm almost overwhelmed with creative stuff in my mind.

I'm looking forward to the weekend now, and hope I'll get some time to do some sewing again, and a friend of mine asked me if I could make a bag for her, so I'll might start with it when the weekend comes.

A while ago I saw this quilt at Moda Bake Shop:
This is one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen.
You know, I love the scrap quilts...

So... I had to give it a try:o)
Today I had a day off work as i usually do on Wednesdays,
and since I did a great amount of cutting yesterday, I was able to piece some of it together today :o)
And I love it!

I'm not sure how big I want to make it yet, but we'll see;o)
I made some changes though... I cut the strips 2" instead of 1,5". But I've cut a lot of 1,5" strips at the same time as the ones I used, so I'll might be doing one more :o)
Or I'll use the strips in an other scrap quilt:o)

This quilt is even more beautiful than the one earlier in this post:

This is such a beautiful quilt, and I love the look of it, old and antique. I'm just in love with it!
Don't you agree?
Guute at Mijn Quilthoekje is making the pattern for this quilt in EQ, and the greates thing of all: she made an "Antique Quilt Club" for us who wants to join in and make the quilt too, so she is sharing her work on the pattern with us:o) Isn't that great?
And no surprise, I'm in :o) Just let her know, and you are too :o)
It will be a long term project, but I'll be cutting fabrics as i go, to use in this quilt. I'm really looking forward to getting the pattern and start reading the direktions, so I can do some planning.

A big thanks to you Guute, I know you've been working on the pattern for a while :o)

I'm heading back to my sewing room for some piecing before it's getting any later, so Happy sewing to you :o)


Monday, June 8, 2009

A finish :o)

Yesterday i finished the table runner I've been working on for some days now. I didn't get time to post it then, but finally... a finish again!
I love these fabrics so much, and I've already planned some more with them ;o)

I've made a similar one earlier, but that is so long ago! It was quite a treasure hunt to find these fabrics, I can tell you. It started when I found the first pieces at Quiltegården more than 4 years ago. I also bought the book "True Friends" by Art to Heart, and I fell in love with them right away. But to sad to say, they where nowhere to be found, they where sold out! Typical me, to fall in love with an old line of fabric...
I started searching Google. I don't know how many hours, and how many months I searched, but i finally found them. In so many different places! I got in touch with a lovely lady, Bobbie, and she helped me to get in touch with a store that didn't have an internet connection, but had some of the fabrics in stock. So I got some of the ones I wanted. I also got some great help from Elisabeth at Lapp-Elisa in Sweden, and bought most of the blue and green fabrics from her quilt shop. Of corse I bought several yards of those I could, and I am now happily using them in quilts and stuff as I like. The one fabric I liked the most, the blue one with the tiny flowers, I couldn't find
anywhere, and I had just a little piece of it, which I got from Siw at Quiltegården. But a while ago I got it from Mona. She saw the "WANTED" add on my blog, and sent me an e-mail. Thanks again Mona:o) She had two 30 cm (about 1/4 yard) pieces for me, so we traded fabrics :o) And I also got one from Hanne, one of my "classmates" here in Trondheim, so now I can finish the quilt I started in 2007, wich is almost finished:o) Just have to add a couple of rows around to get it big enough. I'm not going to do that soon, because I have planned to finish some other things first, there will be a time for that one too :o)
This is so typical me, not giving up until I've tried to find what I'm looking for. I bet you can relate to this too:o) Once you've got some special things on your mind, you just can't forget it, and try your best to get it:o) It's worse than itching sometimes!!! LOL! But the satisfaction when it gets real, and the fun... It's definetely worth it! But I guess this is some of the reasons the words "crazy" and "addicted" is in our vocabulary...?
But I'm one happy crazy fabric addict!!! :o)

Happy sewing,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soon a finish :oD

Whoo hoo! I'm almost finished with the table runner now. I finished the quilting yesterday, and the applique today. Did the applique with the buttonhole stitch on my machine and quilting thread that matches the appliqued pieces.
The quilting is done with Yli silk thread, so it kind of blends in to all the different fabric colors.

I didn't do any intricate quilting pattern, and since I like this one, it was an easy choice to make :o) And no need to mark the quilt ;o)
I've already attached the binding to the quilt, and the rest of the evening I will enjoy hand piecing some of it.
Have a great evening,

Friday, June 5, 2009

My goals for June

I have not been able to have as many finishes for the OPAM 2009 as I planned. Isn't it funny, how life just happens, and things just have to be reorganized a bit...Even if we're quilt maniacs, and prioritize to do some sewing?
I have only one goal for this month, and that is to finish the table runner I just started working on. I have ironed on the tulips, and I have not made up my mind about to hand stitch the tulips, or using the sewing machine. I'll check on my threads before I make up my mind about that...
I like the look of the hand stitches the best, but if I'm ever gonna finish it, it will take less time to use the machine...
Well, I'll make that choice tomorrow. It's far behind bedtime, so I'll just wish you all a great Friday, and hope you all will have a splendid weekend ;o)
Happy sewing,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A new table runner

I had a day off work today, and digged out some scraps from my scrap bin. It was a bunch of precut squares from the fabric line I love the most, "True Friends" by Benartex. I cut these two years ago, and now they are finally pieced together, to make a summer table runner. I'm not finished with it yet, but just the outer border with more scraps is left. And i am going to make some tulips in the white border. If any of you have the book "True Friends" from Nancy Halvorsen/Art to Heart, you know what tulips I'm talking about.
Aren't these fabrics beautiful?
I'll continue work with this tomorrow, so I hope to get the tulips finished for the borders :o)

Happy sewing to you all :o)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Progress on Leanne's House BOM and finishes for OPAM

The last two days have been full of sunshine, and almost too hot for me to sit outside in the sun. There has not been so much sewing time this last week, but I finally started on an other block on the Leanne's House BOM tonight. Now block #2 is finally ready for some stitchery :o)

I didn't get time to go down town to Quiltegården to buy more of the "Borders made easy", so I didn't get to finish the quilt for the OPAM this month as I planned, but hopefully I'll make it next month...
I have no finishes other than the two knitted projects, but sometimes life just happens, and things don't turn out the way it was planned.
I'm also taking a little break from the Patchwork Party 2009-blocks. Only six left now, and I will continue working on them soon again.

I finished block #1 of Leanne's House BOM the other day, so I'm after all having some progress.
I'm enjoying the evening, sipping to a glass of red wine, and some stitching before I'll go check up on the bed bugs :o)


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