Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogging again

Have been sewing a lot, but my computer went black the day after my last post and I have to repair it, for the third time:-(
So in the meantime, I am borrowing my oldest son's computer. Gotta blog!! *lol*

I've had the honor of meeting Hanne Shcneider this weekend. I signed up for her class with Dear Jane. Here she is in front of her lovely "Dear Jane" quilt. She quilted this by hand!
We had a wonderful weekend with Hanne at Quiltegården, and it was so inspiring!
Hanne is such a nice person, and Ireally hope I'll get the chance to meet her again. I know I'll be working a lot with these blocks. This was really fun!! Thanks for the inspiration Hanne!

She also brought her beautiful quilt "Nearly insane". It was absolutely stunning! So much work!

I managed to make three blocks from the Dear Jane this weekend. I know I'll have to practice some more before they are perfect, but it is the first time I am sewing with this method, so I guess they'll pass:-)

I have been working on a cople of new table runners, after finishing my "Festfin frøken", and I am working on one in the same colors, and one with blue cirkcles. This is the result of the first purple one:
I hand pieced a lot of pearls on the ribbon, and they are just making a soft impression I think.
Now I gotta get back to my sewing machine and get some serious sewing done:-)

Happy sewing to you all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Purple love

Still working on my purple table runner, "Festfin Frøken". I think it turned out just lovely. I love these fabrics so much, I know I'll be working a lot more with these:O) Imagine these fabrics with stitcheries in dark purple DMC, on white fabric... Mmmm... Jummy...
Today I pieced the top together, and I managed to start on the quilting. Hope to get it done before I jump to bed tonight, even if it's going to be late...
This is how it looked before I started with the quilting:
Happy sewing,


Friday, November 7, 2008

Sewing in circles

Went shopping at Quiltegården Wednesday, and could not let these darling fabrics stay there. Had to take them home, and I'll already started taking good care of them;-)

I started cutting some of them, and I've got some circles done, and some more are on their way.
I made earlier this year a table runner called "Festfin frøken", and it is another one I'm going to do. I just did fall in love with these gorgeous fabrics, I really did find my purple!! I love the dusty colors, and look so forward to see if it turns out like I think. More pictures to come later.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another finish

Finally I got the other Advent table runner finished:-) I made this one a bit smaller than the other one. I like the colors for Advent so much, so I'll have to make one to myself too. The ones I made, I will take with me at a Christmas sale we are having the last week end of November. It's the first time I'm joining the other craft ladies in my neighborhood, and I am so looking forward to it. I have not sewn a lot of stuff, yet... But I'll try to make some more till then. It's only me with patchwork, so I have no clue what people are interested in buying. It's just fun, and since it's a yearly event, I guess I'll be joining them next year too, and I am looking forward to that too:-)

Happy sewing,


Monday, November 3, 2008

Knitting and sewing

Have been sewing a bit this week end. Almost finished a new Advent table runner like the one I made a little while ago, and made another toilet bag like the one I did sew last time. I'll post a picture of the table runner when I'm done with the binding. It is a bit smaller than the other one.

I have been knitting between the sewing now and then, and I'm working on a pair of socks in purple and white. I've also made a pair in blue/white. It is called "Selbustrikk", an old traditional pattern from Selbu, a place outside Trondheim, where I live. I have always liked the mittens and socks from these patterns, and I can still remember my best friend got mittens like these from her grandmother when we where kids. And hers where always warm, while mine where so cold after playing in the snow for some time.
I bought the pattern from Selbu Husflid, and I use wool yarn for these. The pattern has 42 projects for knitting inside.


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