Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little finish for February :o)

Not much sewing going on here these days, but I got to finish the little toiletry purse I started earlier :o) I finished it last night, and I'm going to give it to my niece today. She's celebrating her 11th birthday today :o) Happy birthday to Mildrid :o)

This one is hand quilted, and I attached the zipper by hand, it was easiest that way since it's so tiny. I liked making this, so nice to do something by hand instead of using the sewing maschine all the time :o)
I will make one for myself too ;o)

I have been working on a "secret project" for some time now, and I hope to work some more of it later this week. It's a lot of work by hand, and it's going to be hand quilted. Cannot wait to show you!
Thanks to all of you leaving comments on my posts, I'm behind replying to e-mails and comments, but I'll get there ;o)
I'm off to a birthday party now, so see ya!

Wish you all a creative weekend,

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm hooked!

I got to deliver two of the charity quilts I've been quilting and binding at the meeting for our local quilt guild at Wednesday. Yay! Two more :o)
When I got home, I started prepping one more (I have several more laying in a bin), and I started the quilting last night. I like the pattern I used for the other two, so I ended up using it again :o)

It's not the most difficult pattern to quilt, and it looks nice on the scrappy ones.

The owners of our local quilt shops are members to our local quilt guild too, and they bring some fabrics and other stuff to the meetings, for us to buy :o)
I could not resist to buy some fabrics and thread, and these went home with me:

Beautiful fabrics, and so beautiful threads! Gail Pan told us about this hand dyed thread when she and Leanne where teaching at Quiltegården in Septhember, and finally it's here!
There are several color combinations, and they are just lovely!!! Gail Pan is using them, so pop over at her place, and you can see some of her projects with these threads.
I'm heading down at Quiltegården soon again, to buy some more of them!
I used one in this stitchery Gail gave us, it will be a needle case pretty soon :o)

Happy sewing,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Irish Chain is soon ready for quilting!

Today is my day off work, and I headed into my sewing room after the kids went to school this morning. I pieced the last blocs yesterday, and finished the last two rows and pieced them together today! I was afraid the quilt would be too small to be a lap quilt, but with a border it will be a nice sized quilt.

I haven't figured out how to quilt it yet, but I have to buy some batting and backing for it, so I'll have time to think about it. I am wondering if I should buy wool batting for this quilt. I have never used that kind before, and I wonder if it is "hard" to work with. Do any of you used wool batting? What would be your first choice for a lap quilt, and a quilt you want to be warm and soft? The cotton batting I used in my "Purple love" quilt is kind of stiff... Will it get more soft after a trip in the washing maschine? Or will it get softer when it's used some times?

My focus project this week will be to finish the two charity quilts I've been working on. I need to get the two binded, and I have been making binding for one of them today. I hoped to deliver them tonight, at the quilt guild meeting, but I will not be able to finish the binding till then. I'm looking forwar to the meeting tonight, and to meet the other ladies again. We are having one meeting a month, and it's so nice to see what the other ladies have made since last time :o) Lots of inspiration :o)

Happy sewing,


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