Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My new quilt and OPAM report

Time flies, and suddenly we have to welcome Autumn here. The leaves are changing colors and they've already started to fall from the trees. I like the Autumn because of the colors, and it's cozy to light lots of candles around me in the evenings. It's a bit cold and it's raining a lot, but that means I can spend more time in my sewing room from now on and not feeling guilty about staying inside more :o)

I've been sewing just a little bit, and I've got only one finish for August OPAM. But I finished my secret quilt, and I'm working on the quilting now :o)

I cannot make up my mind about the quilting, so I can make the cubes stand out as much as possible. but I am quilting in the ditch along the light areas now, and we'll see what I decide for the rest. I haven't used any pattern, so I just designed it myself using the 60 degree ruler.
The quilt is made from fabrics I've already got in my stash, so it feels great to do some stash busting :o) It also have a scrappy look, and I love that!
The quilt will be used to teach a class later this Autumn, and when the class is over the quilt will be delivered to it's new ower, my oldest son. Finally he will get his first quilt!!!

Remember the cupboard me and Hubby worked on earlier this Summer? We finished the painting a while ago, and he also changed the glasses in the doors, with some that looks a bit old and they remind me of quilt blocks ;o) Nice :o)

Guess I'll have to get back to the quilting again :o)

Wish you all a great and creative week,

Monday, August 16, 2010

A little purse/pencil case

I did finally finish my little make up purse (or maybe I can call it a pencil case?)
I finished this sweet little purse the other day, but haven't got to make any blog posts yet ;o)
So now I've got at least one finished project for OPAM this month :o)

I think it's really cute, and I am going to keep this one. But it was so fun to make, so I know I'll be making some more :o) Perfect for presents!
I did hand piece the blocks on the front, and both back and front are hand quilted. It was a little tricky to sew around the curved edges since I'm not used to sew like this, but the book explained well how to :o) LOTS of great 'how to' photos!
It's a book by Yoko Saito called "Les Lecons de Patchwork" Lecon 1.
It contains a lot of great projects, mostly small ones but also a beautiful larger quilt.

I'm also working on an other Schnibble quilt. I did cut all the pieces this weekend, so it's just sewing for a while now :o)
It's the small X-rate I'm working on, and I'm using the rest of the fabrics from the fabrics I bought a while ago. You know, the "Pure" fabrics. I just love these colors!!!
I'm still waiting for the line of fabric to come in yards, so I can finish my first Schnibble quilt :o)

I've been hand quilting a bit lately too, but it's been hot lately, and it's impossible for me to sit outside in the sun quilting. Swetty fingers are no good!!!
But I look forward to get some more progress on the hand quilting project again soon.

Wish you all a great and creative week,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some sewing :o)

I've been hooked on the Schnibble-mania going around. These quilts are sooo fun to make, and they are fast to make too!
I bought the new fabric line called "Pure" at Fatquartershop to make one of these. The only thing is... they don't come in yards yet... But the main part of the quilt is done, and I've cut all the bits for the outer border, so now I just have to wait a while so I can get the light border fabric, backing and fabric for the binding. Really look forward to finish this!
No finishes for July Opam for me, but hopefully I will have some this month. Fingers crossed!

Earlier I told you about working on a secret project. Well here it is. This is a photo during the hand basting, that took more than 8 hours to do... But I got to start on the hand quilting late last night, and I made some progress today too :o)
It's a wallhanging from one of the Japaneese books I've got. I've been planning to make this for some years, and I finally made it!
Guess I'll be using some hours on the hand quilting, but this one is really going to have "the look" I want :o)

A photo before the basting:

I really like the Japaneese fabrics with their special, kind of dusty, color tones. After I learned a few tricks by Yoko Saito when I attended her class, I liked these projects even more.
When I was at Quiltegården a while ago, I bought one of Yoko Saito's books that has some really great projects. One of the projects are a little purse I want to make. Haven't got to finish it yet, but wanted to show you how it looks while I'm working on one of the two sides. I'm not following the pattern, and I made mine with blocks like the ones we learned at Yoko Saito's class. The blocks (I call them Happy blocks) are hand sewn, and I am working on the hand quilting. Almost there ;o) This will be such a cute purse :o) Will try to finish it during the week that comes.

Wish you a great new and creative week, with lots of sewing ;o)


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