Monday, October 27, 2014


I decided to ignore the clutter that still needs to be organized in my sewing room, and did some piecing instead. I also got to place my mini quilt up on the wall behind my sewing machine. 
And dear quilt inspector Nano was there to supervise my work :-) 

Pouch #1 was finished late last night, and pouch #2 was finished tonight. They are fun and fast to make, and I enjoy trying to make them in different sizes and fabrics. Pouch #2 is perfect for pens and pencils, and the larger one is perfect for make up and stuff.

I'm hoping to get my longarm machine set up soon. It's still in pieces down in the basement. I know I haven't the energy to do any longarm quilting yet, so I'm in no hurry. Perhaps me and hubby will set it up this weekend, but we'll see. We still have a lot of stuff to do in the house, so I don't mind to wait a little bit more. 
It's nice to work on smaller things I manage to finish at this point, then I can sort my larger projects and focus on finishing them in a while.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm sewing again!

I'm finally back in my sewing room, sewing again! Yesterday I couldn't resist cutting a few pieces of fabric and piece together a small purse. I felt like a newbie to be honest, since it's been almost five months since I did this! Been too long without playing with needles and thread!!!

The little red purse was finished yesterday, and the blue and cream one was finished today.

I haven't been able to sew at all the last five months because of some major rebuilding of  the second floor in our house. I never thought it would be such a long term thing, but I'm so glad it's finally coming to an end!  There is still lots of stuff that needs to come out of boxes and bins, and my sewing room isn't at all cleaned up and it's so messy around here. All the clutter, noise and stuff has been very tiring for me, so I have been sooo exhausted the last months. I'm feeling a bit better now that I can relax again, and I will take one day at a time and get my house back to normal again. Can't wait to have everything back in place!

Quilt inspector Suzu is just as happy as I am for finally enjoying som sewing room time :o)

During the months without my sewing room I have been knitting. I've knitted a few things I'll show in a post later when I finish them up. 
This is a photo of a hat I'm working on:

I look forward to hours of cozy stuff during the winter time ahead. And since Christmas is coming soon, I will try to finish up some projects I have in mind for presents. I guess a lot of my sewing friends are in Christmas mode too :o)

Wish you all a nice Sunday!



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