Thursday, July 25, 2013

Forgotten blog post

I started this blog post a long time ago, and totally forgot about it. I finished quilting several quilts a while ago, so here are some photos :

Love the look of the pattern "Baptist fans". It's a favorite of mine. This quilt is made by Trude.

I also quilted another house quilt made by Astrid. The second one was just as fun to quilt as the first one. I love custom quilting:-)  

This is a quilt made by Hanne, and was quilted using a pantograph. The stars look great on this quilt. 

I haven't been able to sew or quilt much lately, but have been knitting some kitchen cloths. I'll post some pics later, when I get time to. 

It's the Summer Holidays over here, but since one of my hearties is in the hospital, we're not doing much, even if the weather is beautiful. He will hopefully get out of the hospital next week, so that is all that matters now. 

See you soon :-) 


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