Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some progress on Leanne's House :o)

The last days I've been doing some more stitching on the Leanne's House block #1. I'm almost done stitching, and what's left is to do the appliqued heart in of the corners on top. I really enjoy doing this, and hope I'll get to work on block #2 this weekend :o)
You should see my sewing room at this point... Fabrics all over the place :o) But I just leave all of them in a bundle, till I've sorted out which of them I'm going to use for the next blocks.

Today I got three more of the Patchwork Party-blocks i the mail. I've received 9 now, and I hope the three that is left, will arrive this week :o) I forgot to order the templates to make the blocks when I ordered them, but got to do that a couple of days ago. Hope they'll arrive soon! I cannot wait to make some of these! The fabrics are just so beautiful!
Are anyone of you joining the Patchwork Party 2009? I'd like to know, and it would be so fun follow the progress others are making :o)


Lise in Norway said...

Så spennende Laila. Det blir en flott quilt. Det var mitt første møte med stitchery. Quilten henger så fint på veggen. Bare gled deg!

Mona said...

Nydelig brodert Laila. Gleder meg videre jeg.

toja said...

For et nydelig stitchery! Fin sommerjobb, å sitte ute i solen med broderiene.

Merete said...

Nydelig stitcheri! Mitt teppe henger så flott på veggen her:-)

Elin said...

Dette blir fantastisk!

Mari said...

Ser flott ut! "L.H" er et av mine yndlingstepper - kombinasjonen av stitchery og patchwork.. herlig!


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