Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy birthday, Norway :o)

Today we did celebrate Norway's National Day (Norwegian Constitution Day). We went downtown early today, and we where all enjoying the day, sunny and beautiful:o)
We watched the children's parade, with all the bands and flags. There where so many using their national costumes, so many beautiful ones! I don't have one on my own, but I've been thinking about sewing one. It is a lot of work, but that's not frightening to me:o)

We where so tired after all the walking today, and it was soooo good to take off those shoes when we got home... ;o)

Don't know if anyone else does things like sewing on a day like this, but I did:o) I'm not able to sit still with my hands in my lap, so I got to finish preparing block #1 of the "Leanne's House" quilt.
I haven't been able to sew for so many days, but enjoyed the evening with some handstitching on the block.
I have so many beautiful fabrics I want to use for this project, but it's so difficult to choose... But I really love the floral ones, with the roses, so I guess I'll just use several of them in these blocks.
I started with block#5 last summer, and that one is almost finished, just needs a couple of french knots:o)

Hope you all have had a great Sunday,


Mona said...

Dette kommer til å bli en nydelig quilt. Gleder meg til å se fortsettelsen.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great variety of colors along side of the stitched block!

LeKaQuilt said...

Enig med deg, du har noen nydelige blomster stoffer. Det blir gøy å se fortsettelsen :o) Godt å se at formen din er blidt bedre. 17 Mai i fint vær er herlig. Jeg hadde planer om å sy løpere og brikker i rødt, hvit og blått med rakk det liksom ikke i år heller :o)) Kanskje neste år. Kos deg med håndsøm.

Merete said...

Nydelige stoffer du har valgt, teppet er bare så flott!

martameiga said...

Hi Laila
It looks great!! I know what you mean, Leanne's designs are increible and it is difficult to choose the fabrics because all are so beautiful! I am dloing block one of her Butterfly Garden but still did not put it in my blog, it is so nice!
By the way, wanted to ask you, what do you use to mark the lines to stitch, what kind of marker??

Stina Blomgren said...

Härliga block Laila!!! Leannes quilt är helt underbart rolig att göra...:O)
Hoppas att du hade en trevlig 17 maj!!!!

Anita said...

Sååååååååååå masse fint du lager!! Kjempefine farger i alt!! Teppet ditt kommer til å bli topp!! Ha en flott uke! klem!

Sølvis blog said...

Dette blir flott. Kor deilig å slappe av med stitchery etter feiringa. her holdt vi på til kl 22 i går kveld, så ikke mye tid til overs her nei.

Anne Ida said...

Nope! Not a single stitch here on the 17th :o) It got late the night before thanks to Alexander *lol*, and the 17th was busy from 8.30 till midnight - puh!! *lol*

I love the start of your Leanne's House! It is going to be a wonderful quilt! Reminds me... I have the patterns, and all the fabrics picked out... when will I find the time to start??? I really love this one!


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