Sunday, May 3, 2009

OPAM challenge, goals for May

Since I didn't get any projects finished in April, I hope to get some for this month. I have three finishes I want to report as my goals, and that is to finish the blue and white mittens I started today, the star quilt (baby quilt) I have been working on the last months, and the blue and brown double 4 patch quilt. I have ordered some more batting for the quilt, so I hope it arrives in a week or two, so I can get on with it!

I have already a finish for May, whoohoo! The baby mittens are finished :o)

These where so fun to do, so i will make several of them :o) Fast, and fun ;o)
I've got so much yarn to knit with, and I should get some of it used, instead of let it stay in a bunch of boxes, and let it go to waste. But when I wanna do something else than sewing, it's great to have some boxes with different yarn in lovely colors to play with. It's also easy to take with me in my purse or bag when I go somewhere :o)

Hubby and our oldest have been working on the bike this weekend, and it's now quite changed!
It went from yellow to charcoal metallic :O) Sooo cool!


Mona said...

bloggen din gir meg inspirasjon og glede. Ha en hilsen til deg på bloggen min. Ha en fin dag.

Jossie said...

Hi, I am a first time visitor. Your knitting is gorgeous. I'll put you in my reading list so I won't forget to come back!

Darcie said...

Your knitting is perfection, Laila! Wow. I love the subtle cream and taupe. Very rich and soft looking.

LOVE the bike!!! I think though, that it has *Laila* written all over it!!! ;-) It's a beauty!

binni said...

Kjæmpe fine votta du har laga. Du e ei meget kreativ dame. Kos dæ i kvell på koneklubben da. Snakkes!

Miranne said...

Fin sykkel - men treng ikkje 16 -åringen å være synleg i trafikken, sidan faren hjelper han å bli usynleg?


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