Monday, September 2, 2013


I've been busy lately, so no sewing or quilting at all for such a long time. We've been house hunting for a while, and a while ago we finally found one. We get the keys to our new home today, and I am so excited! 

It's an old house, so there will be lots of stuff to do. My Hubby is also looking forward to have his own garage, and the kids will have lots of space for creative stuff too :-) Now I'm not the only one anymore, having a place 'to play' and be creative :-) 

I look forward to unpacking my longarm machine, all my fabrics and get to sew again. But first we'll do some painting and getting settled. I will share some photos along the way, so see you soon :-) 

Wish you all a great day :-) 


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