Monday, March 10, 2008

It has been so busy this month, so I have not had time to sew much... But that is ok, this time:-) We move into our new home on Friday this week. We are so excited!! We have waiting so long for this, and now it's time. I look forward to have a bigger room for my sewing machine and me, so I know it will be a hole lot of sewing when the Easter Holidays are over:-)

I made this piece a time ago, but I really love this Angel:-)

This is one of the quilts I hope to finish this year. I planned to have this one my self. I love the fabrics I did use, and I had such a job collecting the fabrics. But it was worth it! It is the True friends collection by Benartex/Nancy Halvorsen. If anyone have the blue one, with flowers on, and want to trade with me, I would be really happy! Just let me know:-)


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