Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trondheim Rock Festival

Last night we went to see Europe and Whitesnake live here in Trondheim. It was two really great concerts, and since me and hubby have always liked these two since we were about 14 yrs old, it was a special event for us :o) Lots of memories with many of the songs they played :o)

Europe was the first band on stage. I was only 14 yrs old when they had their first concert in Trondheim.

Then Whitesnake entered the stage and gave us all a perfect end of a perfect night! It was so special to see the band live, and David Coverdale's vocals are just sooo great. They gave us a trip through some really great guitar solos and drum solos too :o)
Since there might will be a rock festival next year too, I already begin to look forward to that :o)

Not much sewing this weekend, but plenty of time for that next week:o)
Did I say plenty? Hmmm.... I wish I had some more time to play with fabrics, than I do... but if I had, would I spend the time sewing and sewing then? Would I have the same urge? I like to think it wouldn't ;o)
As it's said: Time is precious, use it well:o)

Happy sewing,


Darcie said...

Well said, my friend! (About time well spent.)

So glad you had a wonderful night rockin' out! Good for you!!!

Hugs-a-plenty to you!

LeKaQuilt said...

ÅÅÅ så heldige dere er! Der skulle jeg gjerne ha vært. To av mine favoritt band :o)


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