Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bad piece of work :o(

Sometimes things just won't work! I learned that again, today. But I'm not giving up, I want to make this the way I planned... If I just could figure out how!
I saw this beautiful toiletry bag over at Eugine's blog, and tried to make it from my own head. This time it just didn't get right :o( Does anyone know where to purchase the pattern for this one? Maybe it's just a pattern released when joining classes for all I know...
The toiletry bag was meant to be a gift, but I guess I'll make one of those I know how to make :o)

Monday, April 27, 2009

A message to members of TQL (our local quilt guild)

Nå har jeg fått laget en button som medlemmene i Trondheim Quiltelag kan kopiere og legge på bloggen sin :o)
Etter en forespørsel til Margrete Vigerust i TQL ang. en slik button, fikk jeg en kjempehyggelig mail ifra henne. Hun skulle sjekke det. Ikke lenge etter, fikk jeg en ny mail med et vedlegg.
Kari Berg, den forrige kassereren i quiltelaget, hadde en fil med qultelagets logo :o)
Sønnen min hjalp meg å lagre det som en jpg.fil, slik at den ble i bildeformat :o)
Så nå kan dere som er medlem i Trondheim Quiltelag, bare kopiere bildet, og legge det til :o)
En varm takk til Margrete og Kari :o)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Check out this Dear Jane quilt!

I found this stunning Dear Jane quilt while lurking around on the blogs I like to visit. Check it out! (Just scroll down a little bit). It's a blog called Quilts and pieces.


A beautiful day!

Today was the most beautiful Spring day! Between some laundry and "dust busting", I did spend some time outside in the sun, stitching and just enjoying this beautiful day. It was such a lovely temperature. I love the Spring most of every season of the year :o)

A few days ago I started on a stitchery I bought more than a year ago, and I also started on a table runner. The table runner is a pattern from the Norwegian designer AnnAKa, and the stitchery is from Cinderberry stitches. I love this stitchery, and I am almost finished with this lovely wall hanging:o) Just a few hours, and it's done:o)
There is a lot more work on the table runner, since I'm going to appliqué by hand. I want to finish the appliqué before I quilt the rest of it, so there is a whole bunch of pins keeping the pieces into place till I'm finished. I was supposed to do the appliqué before I did place the batting and backing on to the top, but I don't find it hard to do it after.
Maybe I'll have two finishes for the OPAM2009 this month? Oh, I hope so :o)

I was supposed to get the batting and backing on the finished double 4 patch top, but I couldn't spend this lovely day inside, so it has to wait, at least one more day :o) Maybe I'll get back to that tomorrow... Depends on the weather :o)
Haven't figured out how to quilt it yet, but I want to try the bishop fans. Got a template to use for that, so... But it's not easy to quilt with a domestic sewing machine, those fans... So maybe I'll just do some cross hatching instead. After all, it's a quilt I do want my DS1 to use, the way he wants. If he wants to drag it outside, or sleep under it, that's ok with me :o) I don't want to make fragile quilts for the kids. If the kids are going to like their quilts, they also have to use it just like they want, and not be afraid of ruin them. Fragile quilts, belong on a wall, that's my opinion :o

Monday, April 20, 2009

A giveaway!

PigTale & Quilts are having a great giveaway, with 30 FQ's, to celebrate her daughters 30th birthday. But Hurry up! The deadline for signing up will be April 20th at midnight!!

Happy Sewing,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Black and blue double 4 patch

It is a fabulous sewing Sunday for me today. Haven't touched the sewing machine for so many days now, but I was able to make some progress on my next double 4 patch quilt today. While I'm still waiting to get the backing fabric for the blue and brown double 4 patch, I just continue with the new one.
It turned out better than I thought, because I thought the black ones would just blend in with each other. But you can pretty much see the different in the prints within each square.

I got to use a big amount of blue and black fabrics from my stash. I do not use so much black fabrics usually, so I got some fabrics I've never used from my stash in this quilt. It feels so good to use a lot of fabrics from my stash, rather than shopping new ones all the time. I usually shop with "my eyes", and not with any special project in mind, and I end up washing it, folding it and then it get stored in a bin... So many of the fabrics I have, is from years ago, and it seems like I'm never going to use it, other than for scrap quilts... I have promised myself to buy fabrics when I really need it for a special project from now on. Or else it will just be stored away, maybe for years... And if I do buy fabrics I am going to use right away, it don't feel like it's wasted money. Right? I guess I have enough fabrics to do a lot of these scrap quilts, and I just look forward to do the next project, already:o)
But after I've finished these two double 4 patch quilts, I just have to finish my oldest one's too.
At least get some progress on it! My oldest have been waiting for his quilt to get finished for a year now, and I feel bad about that! So next project will be he's Orion star quilt . It is a beautiful quilt, but it is a lot of work, and therefor it's a bit easier to do something else.... :o(

Better get back to the sewing machine now, before it's bedtime. It's getting late, and I want to get some more done before the day is over.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some stitchery

It's been a few days since I did some sewing. Started on this earlier this week, and I thought I should show you my progress on it :o)It's block 2 of the Girls day out BOM I joined. (I haven't started on block 1 yet...) The picture is not so good, but I guess you know why :o) I'll finish it before I do the ironing :o)
Thought I should finish it today, and maybe start on block 1 too, during this weekend. It's a whole lot more pieces to appliqué on that one, that's why I started on block 2....
Wish you all a great weekend:o)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More scraps:o)

Yesterday I started cutting some more fabrics. This time it's blue and black fabrics. While I'm waiting to get time to take a trip downtown to Quiltegården , I'm cutting a bunch of fabrics for a similar quilt as the blue and brown one. Got to make a quilt for my other twin too :O)
He wanted a blue and black double 4 patch, so I now what to
sew next:o) This is what's on my cutting table right now:I just have to cut some more of the blue ones to have enough to make this quilt.
I have to buy some fabrics for the back of these two quilts, and I'm hoping to get to do that very soon. I am so anxious to get the blue and brown double 4 patch quilted and finished:o)
And then the blue and black:o) Maybe I'll get time to do some of it this weekend? I hope so:o)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Almost there!

I got to cut the borders for the double 4 patch quilt earlier today, and it's only the last two borders that needs to be attached to the quilt, and then...the top is ready for quilting.
I did lay it on the floor to get a look at it with the borders, to see if they are ok. I'm lucky, 'cause I had one piece of dark brown for the other border, and when I was done cutting, I had only 1" of it left!

I don't know if I will have time to finish the top and start quilting it tomorrow, since we're expecting friends to come over, and we will spend the day outside with some barbeque if the weather is nice.
I so great to see the Spring is finally here, and almost all the snow has melted now. What a nice season we have coming :O)


I finished piecing the blue and brown blocks yesterday, for my double 4 patch quilt. I didn't make a border on it, yet... Do I need one? It's already large enough for a lap quilt, but if I attach a border, it will fit perfect as a bed throw.
One of my twins has already decided to have this quilt on his bed. When he saw the quilt yesterday, he said : " Oh! Mom, I wanna have this one, it's so great! Can I have it, please? The blue and brown looks so great, and it looks so warm!" Well, can I say no? Of course not! I just have to make one more, for his twin brother too :o) So I guess the problem if to attach a border or not solved itself :O)
So back to the sewing room for some finishing touches :O)
And then... quilting it :o)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally some layout time :O)

I digged out the blocks for this blue and brown double 4patch from my UFO-bin today. It's a while since I started this, and it's about time I finish this one... I like the blue and browns together. Not sure how I'm going to quilt it, but first, got to piece it together:O) So... back to the sewing maschine:O)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some progress:O)

Haven't been sewing much lately, but I have managed to do some progress on my little embrodery. I am finally getting to do some of the details, and I love it:O) I guess it will be hanging on the wall in my sewing room when it's finished;O)

Today has been a lovely sunny day, and it's so nice to just sit down and feel the warmth of the sun in my face, and no stress... Love it! I enjoy the Easter Holidays:O) I'm off to the sewing room soon, and I hope to make some progress on the "Ring of fire" quilt.
Hope you all are having some great time too:O) Happy Easter!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some new blocs

I did sew some new blocks a couple of weeks ago. Aren't they cute? I'm not shure how many I am going to make, but at least enough for a babyquilt:O) They measure 8".
This is going to be my finish (the only one) for the OPAM this month.
I've also been cutting a lot of fabric the past days. It is a quilt I have planned to do for a long time now. It's called "The ring of fire" and is one of my favourite quilts. And even if it takes a lot of time to cut all the pieces, I can assure you it's worth it! You can see my first try on one of the block I did earlier here. It is the most beautiful scrap quilt ever!
This is some of the precut pieces, and more is going to be cut :O)

I'll be piecing some as many blocks I'm able to during the Easter Holidays, so I know what I'll be doing for the next week:O) Look forward to make this:O)
Now it's back to my sewing room, see ya!


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