Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some progress on the double 4patch :o)

Had a day off work today (I usually do at Wednesdays), and I finally pulled myself together and I did dig out the double 4 patch quilt I've been working on. Got to finish the quilting on the main part of the quilt, and now only the outer borders are left to be quilted. I couldn't figure out how to do them... but I found some "Borders made easy" roll, and started to attach them. They are a perfect tool, to get perfect seems...IF YOU'VE GOT ENOUGH!!! wich I don't :o(
But I'm halfway, and since hubby is going downtown for some work on a shop nearby Quiltegården, he'll drop by Siw (the shop owner), and buy a roll for me :o) Since we are having a Holiday on Monday, I think I'll be able to get the quilting done during the loooong weekend :o)
The smallest border will be quilted too, with some freemotion pattern I think. I'll make up my mind after doing the outer border.

This is how the back of the quilt looks like. I'm not so satisfied with the quilting, but to be my first project this big, I guess I'll have to live with the short-long-short stitched kind of curved quilting :o)
I really love this backing fabric. I bet it is a great fabric to practice some freemotion quilting on, just quilt following the pattern in the fabric. I will do that with the piece I have left of it, I think.

I used the "Quilters Dream" poly wadding, but I will not use it again for a quilt at this size. Too heavy to handle, and the fibers from the batting was all over the quilt. It almost looked like our cat had been using it for ages. Just white fibers everywhere, even in the seems... But now I can say been there, done that... leassoned learned. But there is one thing I want to say is very positive about it; it gives the quilt a soft and puffy look, and I like that. I guess it would be easier to use it when quilting with a long arm, because the quilt doesn't get to be squeesed around with that one.

It's getting late, and off to bed now.
Good night :o)
and Happy sewing,


Anne Ida said...

Looks like a wonderful job you have done on the four patch!

Those "Borders made easy" rolls are great to use (not so much fun picking out the paper after it's done, though *lol*), but it's annoying when you find you haven't got enough. Hope your DH got what you needed, and you can get the quilting done on Monday!

Happy quilting!

Merete said...

Teppet ser flott ut så langt, får håpe du får tak i en rull til så vi får se det ferdig i løpet av pinsen:-)

binni said...

Fytti katta får en ræser du e. Æ blir helt mållæs av tæmpoe ditt. Aill du laga e jo mega vakkert. Ha en tåppers dag.

Mona said...

Dette ser flott ut. Spennende. Har aldri prøvd det selv.

Sølvis blog said...

hm - den quilten skule du ha quilta fra vranga, stoffet har jo flotte quiltelinjer!

Darcie said...

Sorry about the wrestling around with the batting. That's too bad...but you always find the bright side to things. ;-) Can't wait to see it finished!



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