Saturday, April 21, 2012

Been making some progress

I've been neglecting my blog lately, but I've been sewing between being busy :o)
I finished the quilting on this quilt yesterday, and got to attach the binding. Finished sewing it down by hand early this morning, so another finish for me this month :-)
I used the scraps from this and this quilt, so now there is not much left of the two fatquarter bundles of Bliss and Ruby. I've got two more quilts using the Bliss line from Moda in my UFO bins, so I hope I get to finish them soon. Love these fabrics. Makes me think about Spring and Summer :-) The pattern is "Smokey Mountain Star" by Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville. I've used this pattern before, and I just love it! I know I will use it again, it's fast, easy and I love the scrappy stars:-)

Close up's of the quilting and the gorgeous fabrics:

I've been quilting a few quilts for others during the last two months. The first one is the one I finished last weekend. It's a gorgeous quilt made by Kjersti Johanne and Kirsti. You can read more about the quilt on Kirsti's blog :-)

This quilt is a lovely 36 patch quilt made by Elin T. Grov/Lappetausa, and if you pop over to her blog you can see the whole quilt there. I love it!

Last weekend I decided to cut the fabrics for this month's AYOS quilt "Summer Day". I enlarged the blocks, so I can make a lap quilt using the pattern. I love how it looks so far, and hope to finish it before the month is over. Wish I had more time to sew!

I've been making progress on my "Hana's basket", a design by Gail Pan. It is one of the project from the weekend class with Gail and Helen. I hope to hand quilt this lovely quilt, and I'm looking forward to finish the needleturn applique so I can get to the part where the hand quilting begins :-)

Wish you all a great weekend, and happy sewing :-)

Friday, April 6, 2012

AYOS and OPAM for March

March went by so fast, and I didn't finish either one of my AYOS or any projects for OPAM this month. I've been to busy with other things than sewing except from the last weekend of March, when I attended a class with Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings. I'm just happy my sewing mojo is back, and I look forward to keep up with both AYOS and OPAM this month. Already got one project for April's OPAM, so I'm in :o)

Today I finished stitching the pieces for the "Sewing Chatelaine" by Helen Stubbings, and I will try to finish them up during this Easter Holidays. 
Tonight I started prepping the "Hana's basket" by Gail Pan, and will enjoy doing some needleturn applique tonight :o) I did start on one, but not satisfied with my choice of fabrics for the applique pieces. 

This is the progress me and some of the other ladies made on "Hana's basket" during the weekend. Mine is the one in the middle on top. I guess I'll be changing the pale pink heart, and finish it up, but now I'm making a new one and will finish up that one first :o)

See you soon,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

More about the weekend class

All of us had such a great time during the weekend. I met a lot of ladies from classes we attended together a while ago, but I also met several of the ladies I know only from Blogland. So nice to meet them in person!
This is some photos of the "busy bees" :o)

Quiltegården had lots of yummy fabrics, notions, patterns and thread we cold buy. I felt like a hoarder after this weekend, but I've got a lot of plans for the yummy stuff that came home with me :o)

Gail wanted to get a photo outside while it was snowing. I think both Gail and Helen liked the snow :o) And I can understand that, it looked pretty nostalgic when the snow was falling outside. Even if us locals wanted less off it ;o)

Unni got to finish her scissor holder, and it looked so pretty! She's such a talented lady, and her hand quilting skills is to die for!

Both me and Unni fell for the project Helen brought, which wasn't on the agenda for this weekend, but she helped us prep the gorgous block with birds and leaves, and did show us how she made it. A couple of the other ladies also wanted to try this, and we loved it! Something different, and most of all so fun!

This is Unni and me, very focused on playing whit the coloring pencils. We laughed a lot about it, since we felt like a couple of kids :o) But we had so much fun! And the result was so pretty!

Somebody joked about making angels in the snow, and when Borghild jumped into the snow and made a snow angel Gail was suddenly jumping in too, and made her snow angel :o)

Of course Helen had to make hers too:-)

Thank you so much Gail and Helen, this was such a nice weekend! Thank you so much for the inspiration you left me! I really hope to see you again :o)

This is how one of my projects look after I finished the stitching around the colored leaves and birds. So pretty!

I'll post more about the progress on the other projects I started this weekend  in my next post :o)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend class with Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings

The weekend class with Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings was such a nice event. I'm so happy that Siw at my local quilt shop, Quiltegården, made this happen! I was so excited to see Gail again, and to meet Helen. They are both lovely ladies, and great teachers.

The weekend started with a trunk show on Friday. Gail and Helen told us about their work and where they find inspiration to make the lovely quilts and project. They brought so many gorgeous projects, and this is some of them:

We also had a "Show and tell" but I didn't take any photos of the lovely projects, but I'll try to come back here and link to the blogs that show some of them :o) I haven't seen any blog with photos of the "Show and tell" yet, but I guess I'm not the only one having a lot of photos to organize after this weekend :o)

We where having two projects from each of our lovely teachers to work on this weekend:

"Sewing Chatelaine" by Helen Stubbings

"Hana's basket" and "Stitch me Happy" by Gail Pan

"My Journal" by Helen Stubbings

I've started on "Sewing Chatelaine", "Hana's basket" and one more project Helen did tell us about. I'll tell more in my next post, I have to edit some more of my photos first :-)


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