Sunday, February 1, 2009

My goals for February

I have made up my mind about what project I will finish for the Challenge 2009/February.
I have several things laying around in my seewing room, so it's not hard to find some UFO's/WISP's... :o)

My first one is to finish up this wool socks (Selbusokker) for my kids. Have been working on these this winter, between sewing. They don't look so big, but they are for my big feet boys:o)

Next one is a toiletry bag. I did get this far when I started on it, two years ago... Guess it's about time for me to finish it...

The third one is a baby quilt i started last week. I found all the half square triangles in my scrap bin, so I just had to square them up, and cut the sashing. Even the corner stones was lying there, precut... :o) The half square triangles was "left overs" from a quilt I did sew a long time ago (August 2007).
I pieced the last pieces today, and I am not shure to leave it this way, or to add an outher border before the binding. I am making a binding with some of the fabrics already used in this quilt. I made this just to have something to get to practice some freemotion quilting.
I could just quilt it crosswise both ways, or do some more intricate stuff... Guess I'll have to figure it out before the end of the month :o)

I really look forward to see what you other ladies are going to work on this month.


Kirsi said...

I love colours of your baby quilt :)

Elin said...

Hmmm, this baby quilt is lovely!

Julia said...

Laila, those socks are the pattern on them..was it hard to do!
The baby quilt is lovely so soft and Pretty..
Julia ♥

LeKaQuilt said...

Hallo :o)
Jeg gleder meg til å se disse prosjektne ferdige. Kjempefine sokker, skjønner ikke hvordan du får det til. Og beby teppet ditt blir veldig fint. Buggy Barn er veldig morsomt å sy - kommer til å sy flere mønster der fra. Har veldig lyst til å sy Katteteppet. Har du sett det ??


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