Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Dear Jane again

Today we had a lot of snow again, so it's really nice with all the white snow. Cannot help it, I like snow! It all looks so clean then.
I went with my two youngest boys and a friend of them, outside today, and it's so great to see them having fun in the snow with snowboard and snow racers. We are so lucky to have a great place so close to our home, with a great hill where they can have a lot of fun. It's also lights surrounding the place, so we can go there after dark too.
After spending some time outside, we went home and made hot chocolate and salty biscuits with cream cheese and grapes. So cozy!
I got to do some sewing earlier today, before we went out. But later tonight, I got to piece together the Dear Jane block nr C-5. It was a bit tricky to get it even, but I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Now I only have two more to do for the little wallhanging I am going to do. I'm going to hand quilt it when I'm going to Hanne's class next week end, so I just have to hurry up a bit, to get the top ready. I like the hand quilting so much, because it looks more antique then. Cannot wait to start learning how to do that!


martameiga said...

Beautiful... this is a bit of a tricky block, with the curves... I like it a lot. I still did not fight with this one hehe...


Mary Ann said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I love your fabric choice! I think that this is one of my favorite DJ blocks to sew!
All the best! Mary Ann


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