Saturday, February 14, 2009

A challenge

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I have recieved a challenge from Hanne and Laila.
The challenge goes like this:
Pick out picture nr. 6 from folder nr. 6 on you pc.

My picture is one I actually forgot about. It is taken with my camera outside the house we moved from (a year ago). It is a pic of the sunrise at 08.48 in the morning 31.10.2007
I really like this photo, but I'm glad I have an even lovlier wiew where I live today:o) Where we live now, we are having the most wonderful scenes of sunrises, sundowns, wiewing the thunderstorms in the summer and a lot of other things that goes on in the sky.

I will send this challenge forward to Darcie, Hannequilt,Abyquilt, Gro and Julie.

This last week have been a looong week, with not much sewing. But I look forward to get some sewing done after a lovely dinner today, and I am going to continue on some of the projects i want to finish for the challenge I joined, and maybe some quilting on the little quilt with stars I am soon finished with.
I have some new ideas on the quilting, and I am going to make a practice piece to try it on.

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