Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some quilting, my goal for OPAM and an award

The day after I visited Sølvi, I got to finish quilting one of the projects I brought home from her. Just the binding is left to finish now:o) I'm not showing any photos here, I think I'll leave that to Sølvi, she updates the blog for these charity quilts when they are finished ;o) So now I have two of these quilts ready for binding. Hope to start with that job soon.

We have been away from Wednesday to Saturday, at my Hubby's parents place, and I didn't spend so much time sewing. We had fun fishing, and we caught some too:o) We did fish two days on a row, and caught ten small ones we had for late supper the second day. MMMM...Jummy!(Forgot to take a photo...) We also visited some friends of us at their Summer place while we where there. So I got to hand over the table runner to the reciepient:o)
She liked so much! So now I only have to finish her pillows with the same design too :o)

I spend a lot of time during the first week of our vacation sewing, and I started a scrap quilt I got to start the quilting on, yesterday. I finished the quilting tonight, and tomorrow I will find some fabric for the binding. It's a lap quilt size, so it will will be perfect for a little girl I think.

This is the layout before I pieced it together.

And this is how it looks after quilting.

This project is my goal for the OPAM for August.

Today I had a lovely lady for a visit at my place. May Britt is such a nice lady, and it was so great to have a chat with her about our common passion Quilting & Patchwork :o) And it was so nice to meet her in person!
We agreed on some ideas for storing our beautiful fabrics ;o) As you may know, she is also reorganizing and making a new sewing room at her place :o)
Thanks for the visit May Britt :o) Have fun in your new sewing room :o)

While I was away on our trip, I received a lovely award from Lekaquilt :

Thank you so much! So nice of you :o)
I want to give this award to some of the blogs I visit the most, and find very cozy and special, and that is:
Lekaquilt :o), Hanne, May Britt, Darcie, Sølvi, Julie, Kviltstina og Elin.
Thanks for the inspiration :o)

I think I'll check up on those bedbugs, it's way behind bedtime...


Mary Johnson said...

Beautiful! I want to make another rectangle quilt but I haven't been able to decide if I want to stagger them, use half blocks, or what. This looks lovely set in straight rows.

Anonymous said...

I love your quilt, such a beautifull colors. Congratulations with your award. You must have a great time talking with May Britt

Lise in Norway said...

Det ble helt lekkert teppet ditt!

Julie said...

Hi Laila, wow, thankyou for the award. I like my blog being described as "cozy". I love your scrap quilt too, the colours look really fresh and happy.

Merete said...

Kjempeflott teppe du har sydd her. Så flink du er som quilter barnequiltene, møtte Sølvi i Trondeim forrige uke og hun var så forøyd:-)

Stina Blomgren said...

Ohhh.. tack snälla Laila!!! Fast den ska du få tillbaka på en gång igen..*S*S* Tack själv för all inspiration!!!

Sølvis blog said...

Lekker quilt. Takk for awarden.
Du får enten sende meg bilder etterhvert, elelr så kan du jo få bruekrnavn/passord til teppebloggen og legge dem inn sjøl


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