Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another purse finished :o)

Today I finally got to do some sewing, and I finished another purse from the pattern called "Gla'veska" by AnnAKa. So that means another finish for the OPAM :o)I really hope the recipient is going to be happy about it. She liked the fabrics I got for it, so I think she will :o)

Have been struggling with my migraine again for some days, and I was so happy when it finally went away this afternoon. Yay! Finally some sewing again :o)
Tomorrow I hope to do some more work in my sewing room, and got a few other projects waiting for me to get finished ;o) I will get a couple of UFO's out of their boxes, I think...
I'm also working on a purple/white quilt (yes, a new one...), and I hope to show you some pics of the progress when I get some further progress.


Jackie's Stitches said...

The purse is adorable! I'm sure who you're giving it to will absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

That purse is really to die for. Great colors

Darcie said...

I hope those migraines stay away! I'm sorry to hear that you were stricken with them again.

Love the purse!


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