Friday, February 24, 2012

Slow progress

I've been having a week off work (Winter Holidays), and I've got to spend some time in my sewing room these days. Been making progress on the hourglass blocks for my Mill Girls quilt, but I also started a new project. It's been on my mind for so long, so I figured I should use the Ruby fabrics since they where already out of the bins after making the "Ruffles" quilt.
I've used this pattern before, and I wanted to make the quilt in "happy" fabrics.
The pattern is called "Smokey Mountain Stars", and it's a design by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville. I just love it!

These are the rows I've working on now, and there will be rows between every one, to make the stars "pop out". I'm almost finished cutting the last blocs for those to be in between, so I'm about half way to a finished top :-)
I haven't finished the top from the first time I used this pattern. But only the borders are left on that one... You can see how that one looks here. It's totally different than the one I'm doing now :o)

When I woke up this morning, I remembered that I need to get my I.S.T.H. finished  in a few days. I joined the "Another year of Schnibbles" sew-along, and I've already figured out the fabrics I wanted to use in this quilt. They are mostly reproduction fabrics, and I got to finish one block today.

I hope to finish a few more blocks later today. I have to slow down a bit, since the darn migraine decided to pay me a visit... 
I'm off for a little nap, and hope to get to show you some more blocks later :o)

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Irina said...

Nice works you make.


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