Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A cozy day :o)

A good friend of mine, Anne Lise, came over to my place today so we could enjoy some sewing together. 
She has been working on a gorgeous quilt, "Winter Wonderland", and needed a little help to get started with the star blocks that will be added to the large piece she finished a while ago. She made all the stitcheries by hand. Anne Lise has been sewing for many years, and she has made LOTS of beautiful patchwork projects, but this is her first large quilt.

She needed a little "kick in da' butt" to get started with the star blocks, and the first star block was carefully cut and pieced, and turned out so nice :o) 

It was so nice to enjoy a day with a good friend, and I hope we'll be able to have a day like this again pretty soon ;o)

Yesterday I got to finish quilting the "Ruffles" quilt. And while I was working on the last row, I discovered something really weird... A quilted flower did "hit" every white block perfectly. What are the odds for that, when I didn't at all try to make that happen???  

I added the binding on the quilt before I went to bed last night, and I've been stitching it down by hand today. Half way to a finish now :-) I think the Lime binding will look good, and I'm looking forward to finish it up. Then I can start with adding the binding on my "Winter Blooms". Guess that will be my weekend project ;o)

Happy sewing 


Nicky said...

Beautiful projects. I love the quilting on your Ruby Ruffles quilt, it's going to look wonderful with the lime binding too.

Cattinka said...

You have so many almost finished projects, and it is lots of fun watching your progress. That the flowers hit the white squares ist a nice coincidence and the quilting looks good once more.
Your friends quilt is beautiful, how nice of you to help her with the stars.

Kathy Schwartz said...

It is always fun to quilt with a friend! Anne Lise's 'Winter Wonderland' looks great, I love winter themed quilts!
Your 'Winter Blooms' quilt looks fabulous too!

annemariesquilt said...

Koselig med quiltevenner på besøk !!
Nyderlig Ruby quilt du har laget ;-))
Jeg ønsker deg en flott helg..

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful finish. I love that fabric.


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