Sunday, March 1, 2015

Been quilting a little bit

I finished sewing a quilt called "Kitchen Sink" more than two years ago, and I finally finished quilting it last weekend. I am pretty satisfied with the panto I used, since it kept the blocks in the quilt smooth. I haven't got time to add the binding yet, but hope to do that soon. 

I am still knitting more than I sew. I have to admit that it's easier to do when I have been dealing with some health issues, and the energy level has been too low. Last week I went to the yarn store, and bought some new yarn I haven't tried before and started on a jacket called Fanakofte. I love the blue and white, and I have enjoyed knitting this weekend while watching the Falun world championships.

I also attached the -threads on a pair of Blueberry Waffle Socks I finished a while ago. It's a birthday gift for my MIL.

Wish you all a great new and creative week!

1 comment:

Cattinka said...

Way to go, keep the finishes coming!


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