Saturday, February 7, 2015

A finish!

I almost finished this jacket, called Nancy kofte, for my daughter-in-law (to be) for Christmas, but I didn't get time to hide the egdes on the back og the plackets. 
I had to borrow it back and finally finished it up today, and she could have take it home with her :o)  
I am pretty satisfied with the result, it's the first jacket I've ever finished! I have knitted so many sweaters, but never made a jacket with plackets. I'm so happy my daughter-in-law (to be) love it!

I have been practising some longarm quilting, but not in the same groove as I used to be. I hope to get my energy back so I can enjoy some more sewing and quilting :-)

Wish you all a great and creative Sunday! 


Mobaat said...

Gratulerer med dagen.
Stilig kofter i fine farger.

Lori S said...

Lucky daughter-in-law to be. It is gorgeous!


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