Saturday, March 7, 2015

Working on a UFO today

I have spent a few hours during the day in my sewing room. I have pieced some more blocks for my scrappy spool quilt, and I am glad I decided to add a few red and yellow blocks, and some pink ones too. I haven't decided to add a border or not yet. I might end up with no border since I love how it is looking, but you'll never know ;o)

I have been playing with the blocs and pieced some of them together. I will rearrange some of them when I get more blocs finished.
Some of these fabrics are from the first year I started on my adventure in the patchwork world. Lots of memories in these blocks. Some of these are from the pile of fabrics I have for "the special" project, but I have stopped saving the beauties. If I never use them, I will end up with a stash that are there just to pet... and I always find new favorites, so I use them all. 
I know I'm not the only one who saves special fabrics, but if we don't use them we'll never  see how pretty they are in a quilt :o)

Hope you are having a great Saturday!


Michele said...

They looks good and I think the addition of the new colors works well.

Unknown said...

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