Monday, June 7, 2010


I haven't done much in my sewing room lately, like I thought I would. I have so many projects to finish, but with no energy to work on them and a neck not working with me these days, the projects have to wait. But I've been looking for inspiration among a lot of great blogs. I've discovered several ones I've bookmarked, and I thought I would share some of them with you.
Stash Manicure by Jantine and her friends, they are having a stash manicure challange you might want to join.
Magnolia Bay Quilts by Kim, she is the author of Scrap-Basket Surprises. The pattern for the "Kitchen Sink" quilt I am working on is from that book. Kim makes some really beautiful quilts!!!
Cotton Way by Bonnie, and her daughter's blog Siplify, is also two blogs I really wanna follow. Yummy colors and patterns!!!
Hope you allso will find some inspiration, like I did. Enjoy the blog-hopping :o)

One of my all time favorite flowers are 'forget-me-nots'. Since I was a little girl I have picked these for my mom every Spring. This one is from my mom's garden. I didn't pick it, just captured it in a photo this time :o)

Happy sewing,


LeKaQuilt said...

Så leit å høre at formen tar knekken på sylysta. Håper du snart er tilbake til normalen :o)
Det er så mye inspirasjon å finne, den er over alt, både i form og farge. Ute i naturen, i en bok/magasin, på en blogg eller på tv.....kunsten er å SE. Ikke altid like enkelt når en sitter med nesa ned i håndarbeid.
Slike inspirasjons pauser kan være gull verd :o))

Cattinka said...

These are all great blogs with great inspirations on them. Thanks for sharing!

Mona said...

Håper du snart er i farta igjen. Fine linker du viser til Cotton Way var bare helt super......Klem Mona

Jantine said...

I saw your comment and was wandering if you did sew any bags already? Stash Manicure is not my blog, it is a joined effort of many blogs. My own is

Mobaat said...

Skikkelig leit å høre at du sliter med nakken. Håper du blir i syform igjen raskt:) Har vært innom bloggene du anbefalte og de var kjempefine. Det er bare så artig å surfe rundt på nettet å se på alt det fine som produseres.

Darcie said...

Beautiful photograph, Laila!

Hope you're enjoying a weekend full of relaxation and joy!

Hugs to you, sweet girlfriend. ;-)

Quiltstory said...

Thanks for the links, there are some great blogs, ones I've seen and ones I need to check out! :) Now relax :)


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