Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A few photos

I am trying to learn a few things about my new camera, and a thing or two about how to capture interesting photos. The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know...
But I try to play with my camera anyway, and I hope to get to understand some more as I go.
The other day we had a heavy thunderstorm with lots of rain. When the bad weather was gone, I took my camera with me outside. I love to look at the raindrops that is left on flowers and things. This is some of the photos I captured:

No sewing stuff in this post, but I am trying to get some time in my sewing room today, so I will write about it in a later post ;o)

Wish you all a wonderful day :o)



Cattinka said...

For somebody who has to get to know her new camera, you pictures look pretty good. You captured the beauty of nature!

Anne Ida said...

Flotte bilder! Vann er utrolig fasinerende!

Sølvis blog said...

Her har jeg bare lyst å si en ting: Vann er vakkert.
I hvert fall slik du har fanget det inn her.

martameiga said...

Ohhhh, beautiful pictures of water Laila... I love them!

Darcie said...

I LOVE your photos!!! Love. Love. LOVE! Well done, my friend.

Hugs to you. ;-)


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