Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing som more:c)

I decided to make one more post tonight, while am into playing in Picasa. Guess I'll teach as I go :o)
This was so fun!! This is a couple of pics from my painting days. I have been painting on porcelain ealier, but when I started sewing, I just stopped doing it... I miss painting, and I have all the stuff I used for this, including my ceramic kiln, and a bunch of bins with white china/porcelain, stored away. I was thinking of starting painting again, but it doesn't mix well in the same room with my sewing. Too dusty, so trying to paint in the same room would be a disaster, and just wasted time. Everything around must be completely dust free. But I know I'll be painting again, someday:o)

Happy sewing,
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Julia said...

Laila, you are so talented...these paintings are so beautiful...
I hope you don't give it all up, it would be a are so good! ..
Julia ♥

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so pretty! do you paint your own designs or from a copy of something? Karen

Darcie said...

Those are beautiful, Laila! Perhaps summer is a better time to work on porcelain painting? Winter just seems like a good time for yarn and fabric...more insulating factor! ;-)


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