Sunday, January 18, 2009

My blue heaven

I finally got to take a picture of the "My Blue Heaven" quilt today. I forgot to post it earlier, but her it is. Just the inner and outher border missing still. Don't know when I'll get on with that, but time for that will come. Soon I hope:o) Hubby helped me holding it up, so I could get the pic of it:o)

I love the scrap quilts so much, I just know I'll be doing more of these.
Haven't figured out wich one is the next, but after I'm done with my mom's quilt, the "Smokey Mountain Stars", I will spend some time doing what I have as a goal for the 2009 Callenge.
I am done piecing 8 of the 13 rows, and can't wait to join the rows together, then the main part will be finished:o)
Happy sewing,



Darcie said...

It just sparkles, Laila! I love it just as it is...but then I'm a minimal-borders-sort-of-girl. ;-)

Stay warm! Hugs....

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Pretty and such great use of scraps!!

Anonymous said...

Love it great job.


LeKaQuilt said...

Lekker :o)

Karen said...

My Blue Heaven, is heavenly!

Anne said...

Nydelig fargespill i denne quilten, venter på flere bilder. Enig i at scrapquilts er en favoritt, veldig spennende å jobbe med.
Gratulerer også med nytt og beskrivende navn på bloggen! Det blir spennende å se hva du kommer opp med videre, du har jo allerede så mye fint her...

Sigrun said...

Åhhh så fin denne blir, den må du gjøre ferdig:-)).


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