Saturday, January 3, 2009

A beautiful day

It was such a lovely and sunny day today, even if it was a bit cold. We went to visit my parents, and we just had to stop to take some photos. It's pretty cold, almost 10 degrees below zero, so it is a cold haze over the snowcovered lake. The kids where playing outside in the snow today. It's been snowing heavy every day since early Wednesday till last night.
But I like the snow, it all looks so clean...

Mats, Thomas and Cora (my parents dog) are having some cold fun. Mats looks a bit not satisfied, but he was looking another way when the camera was shooting :o) Cora is almost 10 years, and I bet she is the nicest rottweiler ever! She loves the kids, and love playing with them.

I am working on another block for my Dear Jane, but it's not done yet, but I guess it will be later tonight:o)
I'll post a pic of it tomorrow, with the project I have decided to be the project of this month. I have not decided that yet, but I am working on it...

Happy sewing,


Darcie said...

There's nothing better than being outdoors...running and laughing and playing with a favorite family dog! I can hear your boys from here, I think! ;-)

Thank you for risking the freezing of your fingers...just to share some beautiful scenery with us! I love "traveling" through others' blogs.

Hugs from me to you, frozen North Dakota, USA! ;-)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like fun in the snow - I wish we had some - it was up to 71 degrees today - felt like a nice spring day - tomorrow will be back to early winter weather.


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